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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Draigo Lysander Wing vs. Tau allied Daemons

I had a game yesterday with my new army list running it at 2k:

5x Paladin - 2x daemonhammer & psycannon, daemonhammer, warding stave
Landraider Crusader - psybolt ammo

10x Grey Knight - 2x psycannon

Vindicare assassin

5x assault terminator - TH/SS
Landraider - extra armor

5x scout - combat blades & power fist

The Tau allied daemon list looked something like this:

Jump commander - 3x jump suit - 2x shield drone (plasma, missiles, fusion)

3x Crisis (railguns) - 2x shield drone

12x Fire Warrior
12x Fire Warrior
20x Kroot


Bloodthirster (tooled)

Tzneetch Daemon Prince - wings (tooled)

20x Bloodletter

The Tau allied Daemons list seems pretty good as the selection of units from both races complement each other quite well.

* LoS = Line of Sight
* FMC = Flying Monstrous Creature

My Warlord Trait (Draigo) was the one where you get FNP if within a certain distance (3") of any objective marker and my opponent got counter attack for his Warlord Trait. I got the maximum number of units affected by the Grand Strategy granting reroll 1s to wound for the Paladins and Strike squad.

Deployment was the one with the diagonal No Man's Land which was good for me since there is less ground to cover reaching the enemy deployment zone. The mission was the one with different points for the six objective markers... The majority of the higher point objective markers ended up in my opponent's deployment and most them were placed fairly close together spread across both deployment zones and No Man's Land. I got to go first deploying both tanks right up on the line and would have to move them through difficult terrain. I held my Strike squad in reserve so I could deep strike them. I infiltrated the assassin in a ruined building with excellent LoS into the enemy deployment zone. Unfortunately I forgot about the scouts and ended up playing without them.

My opponent deployed his Crisis suits on top of a tower with good LoS into my deployment zone. The jump commander with bodyguard deployed behind the tower. The Hammerhead deployed deep within his deployment zone also with good LoS. One squad of Fire Warriors deployed by a hill. My opponent held the other squad of Fire Warriors in reserve and infiltrated the Kroot deep in my deployment zone. The Bloodthirster and Prince was his preferred wave.

1st Turn Draigo Lysander Wing
Both landraiders moved forward. Note that Lysander's transport immobilized itself but my opponent was kind enough to let me ignore it (very cool). I fired everything into the Crisis team and managed to kill both shield drones.

1st Turn Tau allied Daemons
My opponent got his preferred wave and deep struck both FMC a safe distance from my landraiders. His shooting shook Lysander's landraider.

2nd Turn Draigo Lysander Wing
The Strike squad arrived from reserve deep strking out of cover in front of the Crisis Team with no scatter. This turn Lysander's landraider immobilized itself again so he and his terminators disembarked and ran forward 5". That was a big blow as a full 12" move would have put them in assault range the following turn plus they lost the protection afforded from the trsnsport. Draigo's landraider entered a building only moving 6". I focused most of my shooting on the Crisis team and managed to kill the team leader... They passed their break check.

2nd Turn Tau allied Daemons
The Bloodletters arrived from reserve but mishapped into my Strike squad and went right back into reserve. The Bloodthirster vector struck Lysander's landraider and rolled three 6s to glance it to death and pick up a victory point for First Blood. Shooting saw the Strike squad whittled down to one Knight with a psycannon and only Lysander was left from his squad with 2 wounds remaining... Ouch! The Tzneetch Prince tried to spawn Lysander but he fortunately passed his initiative test.

3rd Turn Draigo Lysander Wing
Draigo's landraider moved forward 6" along the bottom of the ruined building and they disembarked on the far side for maximum protection drawing a bead on the Tau jump commander and his bodyguard. Lysander moved up beside the Bloodthirster. Draigo and his Paladins targeted the big squad of Fire Warriors and brought them down to three but they passed their break check... Drat !! The Vindicare assassin hit the Bloodthirster grounding it but it passed its invulnerable save from crashing and the assassin failed to wound. The landraider Crusader poured all of its fire power into the Crisis team again for no damage. Lysander then charged the greater daemon, failing two invulnerable saves out of three and died scoring another victory point (Slay the Warlord) for my opponent.

3rd Turn Tau allied Daemons
Both the Bloodletters along with the second squad of Fire Warriors came in from reserve. The daemonic horde deep struck beside Draigo's landraider Crusader with minimal scatter. I then decided to concede the game as my luck seemed pretty much abysmal... Losing Lysander on the charge really hurt a lot.

Not much to say other than it felt like many things went wrong because of my very unkind dice. I still like this army a lot and will stick with it. I have that often when I try something new it takes a few games before my luck of the dice stabilize. If not for Lysander's landraider immobilizing the second turn I think it would have been a completely different game. Lysander then failing 2 of 3 invulnerable saves versus the grounded Bloodthirster was the final nail in the coffin.

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