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Friday, July 13, 2012

Ryhme and Reason

So it's looking so far like Tyranids and Grey Knights will be my main two armies to start 6th edition - no surprise there, right? The way I designed my Grey Knights for 5th edition translated very well into 6th edition - I've got everything I need for now. Tyranids are another story... I've posted my first shot list... I'm sure it will have to go through some major revisions to really tighten it up. I definitely am sold for now on running dual Tyrants - one flying and one walking. Some people have pointed out that my initial list has less models than some Space Marine armies. I really love the more elite units and think that an over-abundance of gants is not necessarily necessary. Gants are definitely a lot better now with the change to the Fearless rule assuming you can keep all your lil gribblies in range of synapse. So lots of synapse is still a very good thing. Tomorrow I'll be picking up some of my new models so I can start working on the new army.

On the subject of gants in general I'm much more of a fan of termagants as opposed to hormagaunts. Termagants can shoot which to me is a huge advantage over hormagants. Rage is very nice now for hormagants but still they are one dimensional. I think for my list I need to figure out a way to get more termagants into the mix. A good exercise for building a Tyranid army is to sectionalize your army to see where you've spent all your points. Something very important for any Tyranid army now is to build to account for enemy fliers... It's something that could be a weakness for us but I think we can handle it if we properly account for it. Like I said I'm sure my initial list will need lots of tweaks and I'm looking forward to the playtesting.

One thing I love about 6th edition as opposed to 5th edition is with a properly designed army you can execute more actions each phase and that's very important as you can rack up more damage. In fact 5th edition seems so boring now compared to 6th edition and that is very exciting indeed.


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