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Sunday, July 29, 2012

BeakyCon 2 - We want you !!!

Hi everyone !! As of this weekend we are two thirds full with less than 20 slots left to fill. We would love to have a full house with 64 players. Last year BeakyCon went off without a hitch and lots of people told us they had a fantastic time. There will be even more prize support this year including the professionally painted dark eldar army by Next Level Painting including two carrying cases from Sabol. Next year we would love to grow the event to 128 slots and add some other events such as Warhammer Fantasy. BeakyCon has the potential to become a major event in the southeast - we need your support to make it happen. If you are coming from far away you can fly into the Tampa airport and never have to leave until its time to go home... How awesome is that?

Sixth edition is well underway now and has been well received. The tournament is designed to give everyone a fair chance and be a lot of fun while gaming in a competitive environment. There is still plenty of time to sign up.

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