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Saturday, March 30, 2013

World Eaters Rampagers from Forge World, Abbadons & Contemptor

Here is a picture of the new Rampager sprues I just received from Forge World...

I am not that keen on the heads so I will probably use some other bits in place of those.

I have decided to bring World Eaters to WarGamesCon for the Heresy campaign instead of Sons of Horus as it will take me less time to complete this army. I'll post my list soon.

Here are a couple pictures comparing my Heresy versus Chaos Abbadon...

They are roughly the same size... albeit the Chaos version of Abbadon has a lot more bling! Still not sure if I will use the top knot for the Heresy version yet... he looks pretty good without it in my opinion.

Finally a couple photos of my new World Eaters Contemptor dreadnaught... the first photo is the Chaos version with a heavy conversion beamer and power fist (built in plasma blaster)... the second photo is a weapons swap for the Kheres pattern assault cannon (Heresy version)...

Enjoy !

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