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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

First of two Crucible 2 batreps • Imperial Guard

Okay so here is the first of my two batreps. I will tell you up front the outcome because I already posted them earlier this past weekend. My first game was versus pure Imperial Guard played by Eric Issac, a very chill young dude from the Miami area. Those are some crazy cats... They play lots of 40k and have a good game... They will keep getting better if they are dedicated to the game. We tied on overall battle points but I won the primary so for me it was a moral victory. Eric ended up taking third place overall so congrats to him! He was very cool and I really enjoyed the game. Note there were only three Imperial Guard armies so this was a tough first round draw.

Deployment was Hammer and Anvil... So I know IG will rank up behind the safety of their Aegis wall. I need to use this to my advantage. The primary win condition was four objective markers placed by the players... I made sure to place mine far away from the enemy because Imperial Guard has some problems taking objectives outside their deployment zone. If I can contest one objective and hold my two I should take the primary - it is just that simple. I respect the power of Imperial Guard and totally focus on winning the primary.

I was very lucky and get the Warlord trait that allows my Warlord to outflank - my Overlord in his douche cannon goes right into reserve with the bulk of my army to minimize damage from the IG alpha strike.

There is always some good luck and bad luck... You have to run with your good luck and put it to work.

I've got lots of units that will come in deep within my deployment zone to minimize IG shooting. My opponent doesn't have anything to negate cover saves so I'll hug the ground as much as possible whenever necessary. Also I want to box him in and try to force him to focus on shooting rather than moving forward.

I made one big mistake which was holding my Canoptek Scarabs in reserve... I should have attached them to my a Destroyer Lord.

Everybody is going to make at least one mistake every game - play on and don't let it get you down.

 The first two turns my Destroyer Lord shrugs off lots of shooting including two rounds of First Rank Second Rank twice in a row... T6 with the 2+ save can be quite nice.

The Overlord in the douche cannon comes in on the second turn moving flat out right into the face of the Guard. Somehow I'm able to pop both the Leman Russ and Leman Russ Destroyer early on thanks to my Doom Sycthe and a well timed Sweep attack... Death Ray and douche cannon FTW.

Finally both Necron Lords make it into melee. The Destroyer Lord hits the blob, tarpiting them for the rest of the game. My Anni Barges keep moving 12" each turn while snap firing to pop some Chimeras. The Overlord hits the command squad to shut down the Master of Ordnance. So I've neutralized all the long range threats and need to keep boxing them in.

Finally the game comes to an end... I score the primary as planned plus Line Breaker. It was a very tough match for the first round and I'm very happy to slightly do better than break even. It was all about playing for the objectives rather than focus on crushing enemy units. The inherent resiliency of my army was a big boon and I was able to keep most of my scoring units out of harm's way.

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