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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Day 1 results at Crucible 2

Game 1 vs. pure Imperial Guard
There are only two IG armies here and I have to pull one of them the first round with Hammer and Anvil deployment - that was really tough but my two Necron Lords come through very strong and I manage to draw and take the primary.

Game 2 vs. Black Templars with Grey Knights
I max out this game and shoot up in the rankings. Opponent only had one squad of Grey Knight terminators left.

Game 3 vs. Tau with Space Wolves
Another game taking lots of shots to the face. I am able to kill all my opponent's scoring units and win.

Game 4 vs. pure Tyranids
I ended the long day with a major win versus a pure Tyranid list... Grey Knights had to be the Necrons' bitches taking it on the chin and standing strong before finally getting consumed the last turn to hold off the horde.

So 3 W and 1D. I think I am in the top four with only two rounds left tomorrow.

A great day for the Scarab Lord and his secret super friends.  

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