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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Second of two batreps from Crucible 2 GT • Tau w. allied Space Wolves

So this is my second batrep and it was the third round of the GT. I drew versus Imperial Guard the first round, winning the primary objective so it was a moral victory for me. The second round was versus Black Templars with allied Grey Knights... Very low count army and I massacred that game boosting back up to the top bracket.

My third game was versus Tau with Space Wolf allies run by none other than Josef Abel... Another very cool young gamer from the Miami area. We never had any issues and it was a very bloody game indeed. This army had some Forge World but I was prepared. I think my army is very balanced... Lots of shooty with some strong melee. I would need both of these elements to win. This game I didn't make any big mistakes... I couldn't really afford to either. My opponent on the other hand totally relied upon his shooting and didn't protect his troops. There were four objectives that were air dropped so my plan was to kill his scoring units and win the primary. My opponent didn't have any real melee so I knew that was a big advantage for me.

Again I held as many units as possible in reserve to minimize the damage from the enemy alpha strike. My opponent had a couple of cool Tau Forge World Tetras and I got very lucky destroying one from a Tesla arc. I had my share of bad luck this game as well but didn't let it get me down. My two Necron Lords were gods of war wrecking a lot of units over the course of the game.

My opponent came in 2nd place overall and I had a clear win this game on battle points. In my opinion close combat is still very powerful and the Necron Lords proved that to be true. My Grey Knights were only able to shoot this game - the Grey Knight Strike squad deep struck onto the table laying waste to a squad of Tau Fire Warriors thus earning their keep and the Justicar stuck around to claim one of the objectives. One turn an enemy unit of Tau Broadsides rolled snakes versus the Overlord's douche cannon which allowed him to engage the enemy in melee.

This game was very similar to the first round versus Imperial Guard and I used the same tactics. Like I said my melee was very strong and my opponent didn't really have an answer to it. I believe that the best armies are very balanced... They are mobile, can shoot the lights out and can brawl. Necrons and Grey Knights still have the best of both worlds plus Necrons are very mobile.

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