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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

BeakyCon3 • 40k Indy GT • 2250 points • Clearwater, FL

BeakyCon3 will be held the month of October so you've got plenty of time to start play testing and build an awesome army. We are one of the few national events this year to allow armies over 1850 points. Last year we had a 2000 point cap for the very first year of sixth edition and our schedule ran right on time. We like to start early so you have time to relax and hang out with friends during the evenings. One of my favorite things about participating in Grand Tournaments is trading epic war stories with your friends.

The first year we had over 32 players attend. Last year we had 64 players with a waiting list. This year we are expanding up to 96 players. We believe in slow and steady growth to ensure the best continuity. If this year we are successful again then there is the possibility we may expand to well over 100 players.

The first two years we held the event over in Tampa. This year I'm very excited about hosting BeakyCon3 across the bay in Clearwater, Florida. Of all the places I have run across Clearwater is truly one of the most beautiful ever. We have powder white beaches, palm trees and even some pelicans. It's a tropical environment here. Clearwater is a great place to bring your family for a vacation and we are less than two hours from Disney World, Sea World and other fantastic parks over in the Orlando area. There are lots of great places to hang out here in Clearwater and Tampa such as the famous Cigar City Brewery and Busch Gardens.

Keys to Success
I think one of our biggest keys to success is we only run the 40k tournament so we can focus all our time and energy on the one event. Any event is only truly a big success if the vast majority of the players have a great time and feel like their time and money were well spent. This is more important to us than anything else. We want everyone who comes with a good attitude to have a wonderful time and bring home some fantastic memories.

Truly Sixth Edition
This year we will again allow double FOC, allies and now some Forge World (that is units with the 40k Chapter Approved stamp from Imperial Armor 2nd Edition Apocalypse and Imperial Armor Aeronautica). Note that if a new Imperial Armor book is released by June this year we might also allow units from it as well. BeakyCon3 will be a true sixth edition event and you can bring lots of your favorite toys.

If Forge World is well received this year we will allow the use of even more in 2014. I recently played in another GT here in Florida that allowed Forge World - to the best of my knowledge there were no major issues so I know it can work.

Constant Improvement
We listen to all the feedback we get after each event to constantly improve. For example this year we will provide the dice. Every table will have 48 dice - use them during each round and leave them there. This is also the main reason why we will allow the use of the double FOC and Forge World this year - a lot of people tell me this is what they want to play. We want you to be able bring what you want and more importantly we want everyone to have a great time.

Overall System
The overall system will use the Win-Loss format again with the accumulation of battle points to break any draws as well as Swiss pairings. I think this is the most fair and competitive format based upon my overall experience. Each mission will have a primary and secondary objective along with some bonus points.

Fantastic Prize Support
Last year we gave away a 2500+ point professionally painted dark eldar army with two Sabol army cases to the best general. This year again we have even more great prize support for our winners as well as some nice swag for everyone and door prizes.

Upcoming Announcements
This April we will announce the dates for the event along with the location (i.e., hotel). Registration will open towards the end of April. So keep an eye for announcements. This will be our biggest event yet and we want everyone who attends to have a fantastic time that will be well remembered.

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