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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Heresy Abbadon from Forge World

Here is the Heresy kit that came from Forge World with the bits for Abbadon along with a couple pictures of the very evil beast assembled...

The kit can either be assembled on a large diorama or individually like I did. Abbadon was very easy to assemble and took less than an hour... very little flash or trim.

There is an awesome quad barreled combi bolter that comes with his bits... I didn't use it obviously but I think it'll look great on one of Justrearin bodyguard. Not sure yet what I'll do with Captain Loken but I'm sure I'll find good use from him as well.

You might noticed there is one minor conversion on Abbadon's power claw... One of the claws must have broken off during shipment but it was quick and simple to fix with a plastic bit. Also I have not attached his top knot yet... I am planning to do so after I finish painting him.

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