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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Back to Khorne again

Well the Crucible 2 GT is over now so I can start back to work on my Khorne project. I've got some new units from Forge World such as a Heresy World Eaters Contemptor dreadnaught (heavy conversion beamer, Kheres pattern assault cannon and missile launcher), a Storm Eagle and Abbadon. I should also have a fully assembled Dreadclaw as well within the next three weeks. For now I'm going to focus on building a Chaos Space Marine army lead by Abbadon and Kharn with daemonic allies. The army shall be very fast and should be able to assault on turn 2 easy.

I have had some time now to review the new daemon codex... Obviously there's lot of big changes. My philosophy is to focus on the good things rather than be sour about the nerfs. For instance Bloodletters only have one base attack now. You can boost them with a Herald but I want to field a Bloodthirster for my one HQ. So I'm strongly considering running a big pack of daemonettes for my one daemonic troop choice. Sure it's not fluffy but I have these really cool models that look like really evil mutants painted by a Golden Daemon winner that will look good in the army. I also want to run a Khorne daemon prince with flight. One of the good things about running your daemons as allies is they don't have to roll on the silly Warp Storm table.

I'll be using a lot of units from this army for the Heresy narrative campaign at WarGamesCon in a few months. It will be a World Eaters army with allied Sons of Horus... Should be a lot of fun and hit like a brick.

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