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Saturday, April 06, 2013


Here are my first impressions on Tau. Note that I've not read the new codex.

First I tip my hat to all the many fan boys. This was obviously a very heavily anticipated release. Supposedly Tau were number two in sales to Space Marines back during fourth edition. I remember playing many tournament games versus Tau. They were no joke. It's nice to see them finally get a new codex with updated rules. The rumors sound really good so far and I've seen some of the rules in English posted on the Internet. From what I've seen so far they look like they will be a lot of fun to play and the new minis are gorgeous. What more could you ask for as a gamer ?

I am just thankful I have not read any rumors like they will get to shoot at BS6 while going to ground while simultaneously twin linking all their many guns... That would be just as stupid and we really don't need another broken IG codex. It seems like the new Tau have a lot of neat tricks now to avoid getting assaulted and punish armies that attempt to charge them... I think that even with all these new buffs the assault phase will prove to be there Achilles Heel as a pure army. It always was. It always will because they have absolutely nothing in the way of hand to hand combat.

I never played Tau myself nor do I have any desire to do so but I'm not a hater. Really . Like I've said before one of my favorite things about sixth edition is the new uber balance across the board and I see the new Tau playing right into that fundamental concept. They seem to have some solid anti flyer defense but without Interceptor it will not be the end of flyers - think about it. I do think based on what I've read so far they will help to curtail flyer spam and that's a good thing in my mind... Even more balance and the meta is more diluted than ever before.

I am interested to see if Tau become as popular again as they were back in fourth edition. Maybe they will be more popular as an ally. It's hard to say at this point but I could see it going either way. The Tau in sixth edition are the inter galactic whores of the 40k universe (taken from a friend on Facebook)... They will ally with most any other race with the exception of dark eldar. Why they would ally with one of their worst enemies (Orks) I have no idea but it's still quite intriguing to say the least. I can easily see Tau becoming the top go to ally... What really competitive player doesn't want some new skyfire railguns and suits (taken from my good buddy Goatboy)? The new codex sounds very appealing at a first glance but I keep asking myself how will they fare against horde armies and land raider rush. AV14 is the king now and negates a lot of their cool toys. The lascannon is another jewel against them and the disruption pod is not nearly as good as it was... Still it's something though.

Mostly I'm liking the new special characters and that's something Tau needed to buff their rank and file.

So that's it for now here at Terminus Est. In case you didn't know the Tau evolved from fish, hence the simple title... I'm not going to leave you hanging. Kroot evolved from birds. Vespids evolved from who knows what.

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