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Saturday, March 23, 2013

BeakyCon3 Playtest Mission Format

If you want to start practicing now for BeakyCon3 here is how we are planning to run the missions.

[1] BRB sequence (e.g., deployment, etc.).

[2] Randomly roll for two BRB main objectives (e.g., The Relic, Big Guns Never Tire, etc.) - each objective marker you hold (uncontested) is worth 3 battle points. Any scoring unit is also a denial unit. If you roll Purge the Alien it is worth 6 battle points (no points for draws). Note that the primary objectives won't be randomly determined during the GT. Everyone will play the same mission each round with the same objectives.

[3] BRB deployment (e.g., Hammer and Anvil).

[4] 1 battle point each for Slay the Warlord & Line Breaker (no First Blood).

[5] No Mystery Terrain or Mystery Objectives rules.

Build your armies as per the following guidelines:

• 2250 points
• Double FOC
• Allies
• You can field Forge World units with the 40k Approved stamp of approval from the following two books:

- Imperial Armor 2 Apocalypse
- Imperial Armor Aeronautica

• Bran Redmaw (Forge World) can be taken as an HQ slot for Space Wolves.

Note that you must follow the guidelines from Forge World.

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