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Saturday, March 16, 2013

More Tau rumors

April release

*Aun'shi is rumoured to be returning

*Two new characters are said to be included:

- One character is a tank commander (presumably a vehicle upgrade) like Pask from the IG Codex. He is supposedly in a Hammerhead and allows it to overwatch
- The other character allows Fire Warriors to consolidate after Overwatch

*Flyer dual kit (fighter and bomber)

*New Battlesuit and Broadside models

*Plastic Pathfinders

*A new Fire Warrior HQ (not sure if the special character mentioned above or a generic one)

*Ethereals buff units that they join with a selection of effects. One such effect gives an extra shot. This combined with a piece of wargear that adds 6" max range to the squad means that it's possible to rapid fire 3 shots at 18". Apparently this can potentially be 4 if the Fire Warrior special character is also attached.

*The large suit thats been rumoured for a while is supposedly called the Riptide. It is a Jump Monstrous Creature armed with Ion Cannon and standard Battlesuit support weapons. The Ion Cannon can reportedly use two fire modes, Heavy 3 (possibly 4) and single shot Large Blast. Riptide is rumoured to be around 165 base but only start with twin-linked Plasma. The Ion Accelerator is apparently an upgrade:

Three S7 AP3 shots or one S8 AP2 Large Blast

There's supposedly a special rule on the Riptide called Nova Accelerator which can do 4 things:

- Buff weaponry
- Double the shots of support weapons
- Increase invulnerable save to 3++
- Boost a stat

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