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Friday, March 29, 2013

Your armor is your faith

So far into 6th edition it seems to me that the meta has finally been debunked and will just be more so as each new codex is released. I have a good number of friends who have quit playing 40k because it's not working for them right now. As one close friend told me this edition is very unforgiving. It seems like there is a big trend towards balance and shooting over everything else. A lot of the so called experts are stumped. It was tough for me but I was willing to make some change.

Think about 6th edition compared to fifth edition... Do you remember the big three Imperial armies - Imperial Guard, Space Wolves and Grey Knights? Imperial Guard has made out the best so far but even they aren't nearly as strong as they used to be. To a certain degree IG has been relegated to an allied choice if you've fully embraced sixth edition - apparently you can't go wrong with Manticores and Vendettas... Right? I will be very interested to see how they make out in when their next codex is released.

On that note double FOC is not nearly as evil as some people have made it out to be but then again many of the major events scheduled for this year have eclipsed it by electing to go with 1850 points or less for whatever reason. When I spend my time and money to travel I like to bring my favorite toys. To me there is no really good reason why 1850 points or less is superior to 2000+ points when playing this game. It's all about your toys.

In my opinion Necrons were the only non Imperial army in fifth edition to receive a truly competitive codex plus their sixth edition FAQ was a huge boost. Of these four armies mentioned I play two - Grey Knights and Necrons. They both just feel like old school now. I'm not complaining in the slightest though. I just don't want to keep playing the same army all the time. To each their own.

My favorite codex so far for sixth edition is Chaos Space Marines (CSM) and I am liking daemons as an ally. I think that some of the older veteran CSM players have unfairly labeled CSM as a non competitive army but to me they sure seem very popular right now... they still want a codex like the fourth edition version.

In the midst of all the balance we see now in this new direction from GW I think CSM are very strong. On the other hand Dark Angels I think got their best codex ever but they don't seem very popular. I do not know why I don't see more new Dark Angels armies... Maybe it is because in the 40k grimdark universe the bad guys are far more interesting. This is one of the reasons why I think we need a strong new Space Marine codex with a lot of character and some really good new ideas.

Anyways like I said this is an unforgiving edition of the game. If you been playing say since fourth edition I think you need to be willing to make some fundamental changes to your playing style if you want to maintain your competitive edge. I have seen some very strong army lists you never see on the Internet and in the best interests of my friends I won't divulge them here. I think you really need to step outside the box to stay on top.

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