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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Crucible 2 40k GT this weekend... w00t !!

Very very soon will be the GT. It is awesome to have one right in my backyard. I've been very very busy using all my free time to paint the past few weeks... Not much time at all for blogging or gaming.

I'm very happy with how my Purifiers and Inquistor Coteaz turned out. I painted the Purfiers using a light blue color scheme so they will match the color scheme for my Necrons. Coteaz and my Grey Knights I painted using the classic color schemes from GW. I will probably repaint my Necron flyers after the GT is over... Only so much time and I'm a slow painter.

I haven't posted my army list as yet... I want it to be a surprise as much as possible. Heh. We will see how it performs. I'm sure there will be plenty of other great armies there in Orlando this weekend.

Should be a great time.

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