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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Genghis Con

Hi everyone. I'll be flying over to Denver tomorrow afternoon to play in the 40k GT at Genghis Con. There are two games on Friday night and then three more on Saturday. I'll be bringing my Descent of Angels army (1850 points). This is my second major event playing the new Blood Angels, the first time was at BoLScon last year. 1850 points made me stop and pause as I'm used to playing 2000 points down here in Florida. I thought about it quite a bit then decided to remove the Stormraven and Furioso from my 2k list. This freed up quite a few points and I have had several local events to test out the new all jump infantry list. I know players like to keep their lists a secret in general but I've always been fairly open about what I play. The new list has Dante with a squad of Sanguinary Guard as his bodyguard plus two full squads of assault Marines as the core. I also have the Sanguinor as my second HQ and and a squad of Vanguard veterans. These are units I have a lot of experience playing so I'm feeling quite comfortable. I've played against enough Wolfstars and mech IG lists so I feel ready for the GT. I've looked at all the missions and to be honest they all look really good for a DoA army. There are lots of great gamers in CO so I know I'll have some tough battles ahead over the weekend and it probably won't be all Space Wolves and Imperial Guard. My one loss at BoLScon came against a brilliant mech eldar list, so believe me when I say know there are plenty of other tough armies out there.

At first I felt naked playing without my cherished Stormraven. My 2k list is totally tweaked now and I know every trick in the proverbial book. It was an adjustment to start playing without it. The Stormraven brings a lot to a jump list but I'm ready now and won't miss it. I'm using Genghis Con to seriously test the new list in preparation. Don't get me wrong - I'm certainly not looking past the mile high city in anticipation for the Windy City. I think it's going to be a lot of fun.

Not much else to say at this point other than I'll try to post my results here on the blog. There are quite a few of my club mates from the 40k Wrecking Crew who'll be there so I'll definitely be in good company.


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