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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day One results from Genghis Con

I managed to win my first two games. The first game was versus Tyranids with a NidStar (Swarmlord, Tyrant Guard and a Prime) - mission primary goal was Annilihation - I focused my assaults on the termagants spawned by a pair of Tervigons and played keep away from the NidStar... The NidStar was closing in as some of my assaults bogged down versus Hive Guard and a Tervigon but time was called just before they could reach my battle line.

The second game was versus Necrons - mission primary goal was Capture and Control... I set my objective way back in a corner and focused all my units on assaulting the Necrons, taking their objective and forcing a fifth turn phase out.

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