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Sunday, February 13, 2011

All jump infantry DoA army field trial results

Had a chance to finally field an all jump army today at a local tourney - 14 players. Full house - overall good group of guys. Here was my 2k list:

Commander Dante
5x Sanguinary Guard: 2x infernus pistol, power fist & chapter banner

The Sanguinor

Sanguinary Priest: jump pack, power sword & infernus pistol
Sanguinary Priest: jump pack & power sword

Chaplain: jump pack & infernus pistol

10x assault Marine: flamer & meltagun; sergeant: thunderhammer & Stormshield
10x assault Marine: flamer & meltagun; sergeant: thunderhammer & Stormshield

6x Vanguard vsteran: 2x (lightning claw & stormshield), pair of lightning claws, thunderhammer & bolt pistol, power sword & bolt pistol; sergeant: power fist & stormshield

Another small and highly mobile army. Basically went 1-1-1. Not bad in my opinion considering this was a learning experience for me. First game was versus eldar (semi mech) for a massacre. Next game was versus an interesting SW army - lots of bloody assaults. My opponent had bikes and some TWC with two Iron Priests on thunder wolf mounts with cyber wolves. There was a high multi story building I could have landed all my jump troops to avoid the TWC and bikes but I decided to make it a game and dove right in. Final game was versus mech IG.

More to come soon.


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