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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Genghis Con 4th Round Batrep vs. Mech Eldar

My fourth game in the GT was versus mech eldar and the mission was Seize Ground with six objectives, each objective had to be at least 12" away from any other marker so basically you end up with two rows of fairly evenly spaced markers. Deployment was Dawn of War.

I've always had a psychological disconnect versus mechdar because the army is very fast and can counter the speed of a DoA army. This was a tough mission for me but I had a couple of advantages:

1) I won the roll for deployment and opted to go second.
2) My only unit to arrive on the bottom of the 2nd turn was the VV which greatly reduced the amount of shooting from the eldar army.

I viewed the game more like a chess match using my movement phases to keep spread out across the table and then made my big move on the bottom of the 6th turn to take and contest objectives. It all came down to the VV... they had to wreck a Wave Serpent full of Dire Avengers to deny the eldar that objective so I would hold one more than my opponent. I was hitting on sixes and one hit got through with the sergeant's thunderhammer - I wrecked the Wave Serpent and just managed to win the game by that one objective... So I would be playing the final match versus Tyranids on the second table. I'll go into a lot more detail regarding the final. Like I said the fourth game was mostly movement so I don't see much of a point in breaking it down turn by turn.


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