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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Genghis Con 3rd round batrep vs. Space Wolves

Here is the third batrep versus Space Wolves. You know you're gonna have to face them sooner or later. The primary mission goal was Victory Points and deployment was Pitched Battle. If you destroyed your opponent's highest point unit they counted as double their victory points! My opponent is a friend I see a lot when playing on the road so I knew we would have some fun for sure. This was the first game of the second day. Here is his army list to the best of my recollection:

Rune Priest #1: Living Lightning & JAWS
Rune Priest #2: Murderous Hurricane & JAWS

Jump infantry is immune to Jaws of the World Wolf so that kind of neutered his two HQ. I used to Dante's curse to nerf the Rune Priest with Murderous Hurricane hoping he would eventually Peril and die from an exploded head (think the movieScanners).

10x Wolfguard terminators: 8x( power sword & stormbolter) & 2x (cyclone missile launcher & power fist) <- most expensive unit 5x Grey Hunter: meltagun & plasma pistol - razorback: twin linked heavy bolter turret (Rune Priest #1 attached) 5x Grey Hunter: plasmagun & plasma pistol - razorback: twin linked heavy bolter turret 8x Grey Hunter: plasmagun & power sword - drop pod 6x Long Fang: 4x missile launcher & lascannon 6x Long Fang: 4x missile launcher & lascannon 5x Long Fang: 3x missile launcher & lascannon - razorback: twin linked heavy bolter turret (Rune Priest #2 attached)

I won the roll for deployment and opted to go second holding my entire army in reserve. The Vanguard veterans' sergeant received the Sanguinor's Blessing and this squad also succumbed to the Red Thirst. This was one of those games where everything that could go right did go right... It was mostly that kind of day.

Note that there was little terrain on this table and none blocked LOS. Oh well, I've been in this type of situation before so I came prepared. If you ever visit my blog I wrote a tactical article about using peripheral movement with DoA to handle this type of battle condition; that is, little terrain to hide behind on the drop versus a very shooty army.

My opponent castled in a tight block using a table corner in his deployment zone to cut off flank attacks from one side. The eight man Grey Hunter squad was deployed as a meat shield to bubble wrap the Wolfguard. The Wolfguard were placed as a tight screen in front of his Long Fangs. He placed a couple transports on either end of his castle as screens. All of the SW units were tightly packed in his castle. The first and second turns my opponent sat still waiting for the Skies of Blood to roll in. Note that he dropped his empty pod far away from his castle on the far side of the table.

Bottom of the second turn in came the Dante and his Sanguinary Guard with the first Priest, Vanguard veterans plus one assault squad. I landed the assault squad beside the empty pod outside of his fire arc from the Long Fangs in hope that he would move his terminators toward them to fire their cyclone missile launchers. Dante and his bodyguard landed beside one of the rhinos using it as a screen against all those Long Fangs. The Sanguinor landed in open terrain outside the charge arc of the Wolfguard - I was counting on my opponent shooting at my boss to drop the heat off my other units in the vicinity of his castle. The VV dropped in front of the eight Grey Hunters and were in charge range. All I had left off the table was my second assault squad... So some decent saturation of force around the SW castle. The assault squad fired their meltagun at the pod and wrecked it. Dante and his posse fired their melter pistols into the rhino and wrecked it as well - they was one of the two key events to occur for me during the game as the wreck blocked LOS to Dante's unit from all of the Long Fangs. The Grey Hunters spilling out of the burning wreck also failed their pinning test as well! The VV assaulted the eight Grey Hunters and one of them managed to survive the sudden onslaught, remaining locked in combat - that was the second key event to occur as the VV were positioned in such a manner following pile in to block the Wolfguard from charging Dante's unit... It couldn't have gone any better!

Top of the third turn the Wolfguard moved into position to assault my VV and the rest of his army focused all their firepower on the Sanguinor but failed to inflict a single unsaved wound. The Wolfguard then assaulted my VV and by yet another miracle the sergeant managed to survive (I lumped all the power fist attacks on the other members of the squad to prevent him from insta gibbing my sergeant)... I killed the last Grey Hunter from the eight man squad for their victory points and also managed to kill three terminators, so it was a drawn combat and all surviving Wolfguard had to pile in around the VV sergeant.

Bottom of the third turn in came the second assault squad with the second Priest and Chaplain in tow. I landed them behind cover for the 4++ cover save close to the castle. Dante's unit surrounded the Wolfguard along with the Sanguinor going after the pinned unit of Grey Hunters. Dante's unit charged the terminators, killing them all before they could swing back - that was worth over 800 victory points right there. My opponent was going to have one tough time climbing out of that deep hole. The Sanguinor diced up the squad of pinned Grey Hunters - bloody as Hell that turn was for sure! :evil: I then consolidated my units such that had some cover for the next shooting phase (4++) which would pretty much decide the game.

Top of the fourth turn my opponent lined up all his Long Fangs on Dante's unit - the 4++ cover saves coupled with AP3 for krak missiles made my opponent decide to rain down frag... 2+ coupled with 4++ meant that I did not lose a single model from frags and I also passed all my cover saves from the lascannons - wow.

Bottom of the fourth turn pretty much sealed the deal - I assaulted all of the Long Fangs en masse, vaporizing the entire lot of them. Game over.

So I managed to win my third game by a wide margin and would be facing mech eldar in a Seize Ground mission on the third table the following game, round four. Like I said in the beginning everything that could go right did go right - my dice very on fire hot.


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