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Monday, February 14, 2011

2nd batrep - DoA vs. SW

The next round was versus Space Wolves. The TO made a couple bad calls which he reversed the next day so no bad feelings. Everyone makes mistakes.

Here is the SW list to the best of my memory:

tooled up Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf mount
Iron Priest on Thunderwolf mount w. Cyberwolves

tooled up Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf mount
Iron Priest on Thunderwolf mount w. Cyberwolves

Rune Priest on bike w. Tempest Wrath & JAWS
Swift Claw biker squad w. MM attack bike
WGL on bike w. power fist

Rune Priest w. Murderous Hurricane & LL

5x Grey Hunter w. power fist & meltagun - rhino (foot slogging RP attached to this unit)
10x Grey Hunter w. power fist & meltagun - rhino
10x Grey Hunter w. power fist & meltagun - rhino

Mission was killpoints with Pitched Battle for deployment plus the old Heavy Gravity effect:

Roll 1d6 for your army each turn:
-> 1 = heavy gravity, each unit can moves 1d6" less during movement phase
-> 2-5 = no effect
-> 6 = light gravity, each unit can move up to an extra 1d6" during movement phase

The Vanguard veteran sergeant received the Angel's blessing, none of units succumbed to the Red Thirst. The Chaplain and second Sanguinary Priest joined one of the assault squads.

My opponent won the roll and opted to go second. I held everything in reserve. My opponent deployed in a castle over in one corner of his DZ. There was a huge piece of multi leveled terrain in the center of the table. I could have landed all my units on the higher levels and then charged the SW army on the fifth turn but I decided to go ahead and play it out as normal to get the practice... It's not like a piece of terrain like that is always going to be there.

Bottom of the first turn my opponent shifted his army around a bit moving across his DZ and spread out a bit. He also cast Tempest Wrath.

The top of the second turn in came the Sanguinor and the VV. I landed the Sanguinor on top of the multi leveled building so the following turn he could assault the Rune Priest on the bike attached to the Swift Claw bikers - I wanted to shutdown Tempest Wrath ASAP. The VV landed beside the Swift Claw bikers and mishapped into the bikes - they luckily went back into reserve. The Sanguinor also lost a wound due to dangerous terrain from Tempest Wrath. :cuss

The bottom of the second turn the SW army moved up a bit more - Rune Priest on the bike was still sticking out there like a sore thumb, he also successfully cast Tempest Wrath again. The Sanguinor then lost his second wound to LL from the RP in the rhino. :(

The top of the third turn in came the rest of my army. Dante and his posse landed on the second level of the central building towards the rear side away from the SW army, VV landed okay but again drifted 6" away from the bikers would not be able to assault. I dropped one assault squad on the second level of the central building and the sergeant was lost due to failing his DT followed by his 3++ save. :cuss At this point I was a bit concerned about the rash of bad luck then shrugged it off. The other assault squad with the Chaplain and second Priest I positioned behind the VV so they could counter charge the next turn. The Sanguinor flew down and assaulted the Rune Priest on the bike, killing the psyker then went down to the Swift Claw attacks. Oh well, no more Tempest Wrath and we were even on killpoints.

Bottom of the third turn one squad of full Grey Hunters disembarked to charge the VV while the other full squad disembarked to rapid fire the VV. The biker squad moved up and were just inside their charge arc to the assault squad backing up my VV. The VV and assault squad took no wounds in the shooting phase. The VV then beat down most of the Grey Hunters that charged them - Grey Hunters passed their morale check though. The assault squad killed three of the bikes and lost three assault Marines, so drawn combat.

1 KP BA (Rune Priest on bike) - 1 KP SW (The Sanguinor)

Top of the fourth turn Dante and his posse flew out of the building to assault the Grey Hunters locked in combat with my VV. My assault squad in the building stood their ground. Dante and his posse vaporized the Grey Hunters on the charge while my assault squad with the Chaplain and Priest killed two more Swift Claws and only lost one assault Marine in return... Swift Claws again passed their morale check. Both of my unengaged units dropped back a bit during their consolidation moves but would it looked like they would both be in the charge arc of the Wolf Lords attached to the Iron Priest units (Wolfstars).

Bottom of the fourth turn both Wolfstars moved into position to charge Dante's unit and the VV. The squad of five Grey Hunters dismounted to rapid fire Dante's unit. No wounds taken during the shooting phase. Dante's unit was positioned to block an assault on the VV and had to take the full charge from one of the Wolfstar units. ;) The other Wolfstar was unable to launch an assault (heh). Sanguinary Guard and the first Priest both were destroyed while Dante killed some of the cyberwolves, passed his morale check then used Hit & Run to break off. The assault squad fighting the Swift Claws destroyed the remainder of that unit and consolidated towards one of the Wolfstars.

3 KP BA (Rune Priest on bike, Grey Hunters, Swift Claws) - 3 KP SW (The Sanguinor, Sanguinary Priest, Sanguinary Guard)

Fifth and final round - Top of the fifth turn Dante joined the remainder of the VV in the movement phase and they moved into position to assault the squad of Grey Hunters. The assault squad with the Chaplain and second Priest moved into position to charge the remaining full unit of Grey Hunters. Dante and VV charge the five man Grey Hunter unit, by some miracle of Russ one Grey Hunter survived and legged it away but no far enough to be able to regroup on the bottom of the turn. The assault squad then charged the full squad of Grey Hunters and destroyed them all before they could swing back. Dante and VV position during consolidation to shield the assault squad.

Bottom of the fifth turn both Wolfstars move up to assault Dante, VV and the assault squad with the Chaplain and second Priest. VV are butchered along with the second Priest, neither of my units break and Dante holds.

Game over!

5 KP BA (Rune Priest on bike, Swift Claw bikers, 3x GH) - 5 KP SW (The Sanguinor, 2x Sanguinary Priest, Sanguinary Guard, VV)

Here is where the bad calls came at the end - the TO ruled the lone broken Grey Hunter did not count as a killpoint so I lost the match by one killpoint when it should have been a draw. I couldn't remember exactly where it's stated in the rulebook until the next day (p90) so I slipped out of contention for best overall/best general.

Final match next - mech IG !!


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