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Friday, February 25, 2011

DoA at Large Events... Is it truly a competitive army ?

I posted an article yesterday over on BoLS about my current favorite project - DoA. You never know what to expect... some people seemed to like it for sure. Anyways there was the following comment I found very amusing:

"I meant more on how to prepare yourself for when you face something that ignores what DOA has going for it ... i.e. Daemons armies that ignore your meltas and power weapons, and ignore your FNP and armor saves.

"DOA is a "rock" army ... true DOA lists can't handle every top tier tournament list out there, and it's good for people to know that going in. Course, they're fluffy, fun, competitive, and awesome to play ... especially at the local and smaller GT level, so don't overread the commentary as being negative!"

I am wondering what are others reaction to this comment? I think its definitely possible DoA could win any competitive event. Just as any solid army it all comes down to luck, missions, matchups and terrain. The quoted comments came across to me as the classic rock-paper-scissors strawman people use to tear down other armies when they dont have any real in-depth analysis to offer.


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