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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Final results from Genghis Con

Day One
1st Game vs Tyranids - Annilihation (36 points out of a possible 54) - Win
2nd Game vs Necrons - Capture & Control (50 out of 54) - Win

Day Two
3rd Game versus Space Wolves - Victory Points (52 out of 54) - Win
4th Game versus mechdar - Seize Ground (6 objectives) (50 out of 54) - Win [on table 3]
5th Game versus Tyranids - Control One Objective on the Center (32) - Draw [on table 2]

Could have won the last one but time was running out so we called it after turn 4... Was a great game.

Here was my list:

Sanguinary Guard (Banner, power fist, 2x infernus pistol)
Priest (jump pack, power sword)


Priest (jump pack, power sword)
Chaplain (jump pack, infernus pistol)

5x Vanguard Vets (jump packs, power fist & stormshield, thunderhammer, 2x power sword)

Assault squad (10x) (melta/flamer, thunderhammer & stormshield)
Assault squad (10x) (melta/flamer, thunderhammer & stormshield)

Batreps later this week.


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