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Monday, February 21, 2011

Genghis Con batreps - Blood Saints DoA

Here is my first batrep. I apologize that I don't take pictures when I play now. All opponent's army lists are to the best of my recollection.

This was my best performance in a GT. Lady Luck smiled upon me when I needed the rolls. All five of my opponents were fantastic - no rules disputes and five very fun games. I don't think you could ask for more.

So onward HO !!!

Here is my pure jump 1850 point army list:

Dante + Sanguinary Guard + Sanguinary Priest #1

Sanguinary Guard:
2x infernus pistol, power fist, Chapter banner

Sanguinary Priest #1:
jump pack, power sword

The Sanguinor

jump pack, infernus pistol, meltabombs

Here is an Elite choice for Blood Angels that is an HQ choice for vanilla Marines and other power armor armies. They are a very potent force multiplier and a perfect choice for DoA armies. The benefits they grant can win games. I affectionately refer to mine as the mean old man.

Sanguinary Priest #2:
jump pack, power sword

Vanguard veterans (x5):
jump packs, sergeant: power fist & stormshield; 2x power sword, chainsword, thunderhammer

I love this build. Fairly cheap and with two S8 Marines they can put the hurt on any non dedicated assault unit - you wouldn't charge them into a full squad of Khorne Berzerkers but they will pop tanks and decimate heavy weapons teams such as Long Fangs or even Zoanthropes. VV are a shock troop but you don't have to use Heroic Intervention against horde armies that can absorb them.

Assault Squad #1 (10x):
flamer/meltagun; sergeant: thunderhammer & stormshield

Assault Squad #2 (10x):
flamer/meltagun; sergeant: thunderhammer & stormshield

So a grand total of 34 bodies. Small, elite and very fast - no long ranged shooting and very potent in assault. My first game was versus Tyranids, Annihilation and Spearhead. The table had a lot of terrain featuring a huge building off to one side of the center. I won the roll for deployment and chose to go second holding my entire army in reserve. I opted to join the Chaplain and the first Priest with the Vanguard veterans - I wanted a very hard hitting unit that could blast through a units of Tyranids on the charge... A grand total of four power weapons (2x WS5) plus the thunderhammer and power fist. The Vanguard veteran sergeant received the Sanguinor's Blessing and one of the assault squads succumbed to the Red Thirst.

Here is my opponent's concise army list:

Swarmlord + 3x Tyrant Guard (lash whips)
Alpha Warrior: 2x Bone Sword, regen

10x termagant (poison)

10x termagant (poison)

10x termagant (poison)
10x termagant (poison)

Doom + myectic spore

Trygon: regen

3x Hive Guard

2x Zoanthrope

My opponent deployed his army around the building placing the NidStar on one side of the building and the rest of his army on the other side. He held the Doom in reserve. His first two turns he hugged the building and landed the Doom on the center of the table. Bottom of the second turn I got the VV and one assault squad. I dropped the VV off to the side of his castle just outside of his assault arc and landed the assault squad off from the center of the tabld outside of the Doom's pie plate range.

Top of the third my opponent moved a Tervi along with two squads of gants towards the VV. The NidStar moved a bit towards the assault squad as well - this was intentional on my part as I wanted to draw his two nastiest units away from the building so they would be farther away from the coming kill zone. The big building was TLOS blocking as well. Bottom of the third turn the rest of my army arrived and all landed on the one side of the building to assault his weak side. The VV launched an assault into the two squads of gants plus the one Tervi. I wiped out the gants and the Tervi died to No Retreat wounds. The VV then consolidated back away from the Tyranid castle.

Top of the fourth turn the Nids focus fired on the VV dropping them down to just the super sarge, Chaplain and the first Priest. Bottom of the fourth turn I combi charged the Nid castle with the bulk of my army destroying all the gants plus dropping the Zoies. The second Tervi and the Zoies survived the No Retreat wounds keeping my assault units locked in combat. I was now so far ahead on killpoints that the Tyranids could not make a comeback. The NidStar and Doom were too far away to hit my line. Dante and his bodyguard used Hit & Run to break off and pull away from the NidStar leaving them outside of assault range.

So I won with a solid victory for the first round.


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