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Friday, February 25, 2011

Genghis Con 5th Round Batrep vs. Tyranids

So the final round was versus Tyranids. The primary win condition was to have the most killpoints within 6" of the table center. This looked like a no win situation for me as my opponent could simply march his whole army up towards the center of the table. Deployment was Pitched Battle.

Here is my opponent's army as best as I can remember:

Hive Tyrant
3x Tyrant Guard
Prime - dual bone swords

3x Zoanthrope
3x Hive Guard


10x termagant
10x termagant
10x termagant

I won the roll for deployment and chose to go second holding my entire army in reserve. My opponent deployed his entire army in a walking castle. There was plenty of tall buildings with flat contiguous roofs which I would use. Note that the buildings were not ruins.

The first two turns my opponent moved his walking castle towards the center of the table - no surprise there. On the bottom of the second turn the following units of mine arrived from reserve:

The Sanguinor
Dante + Sanguinary Guard + 1st Priest + Chaplain
Vanguard veterans
1st assault squad

The sergeant in the second assault squad received the Angel' Blessing and they also succumbed to the Red Thirst (note that the 2nd Priest was attached to this squad). I landed the Sanguinor on a top of a building in the middle of the table. The assault squad landed behind the central building. The VV landed behind a small building off to the side of the central building and Dante's unit landed on top of a building over to rear of the Tyranid castle. Landing on top of and behind buildings meant that I was able to deploy my army close to the enemy but he would not be able to launch any assaults the next turn. I was using the Sanguinor to draw fire away from Dante's unit.

On the top of the third turn the Trygon split off from the castle advancing around the central building towards the assault squad (i.e., just beyond it's assault arc). The castle then moved back towards the building with Dante's unit on top of it. Also one Tervigon and two of the gant squads also broke off still advancing toward the center of the table. The Hive Guard targeted the Sanguinor and he lost two wounds - oh well, that was better in my opinion than those shots directed at Dante's unit since S8 negates FNP - I would have lost two of my Sanguinary Guard. The Zoies dropped their S5 AP3 blasts on Dante's unit and I made all my saves.

Bottom of the third turn was the big push - Dante's unit, the Sanguinor and the Vanguard veterans all flew in forming up a tight semi circle around the Tyranids. I was able to multi charge the Hive Guard, Zoies, one Tervigon, one squad of gants and the Biovore. All my units were in range of the 1st Priest's aura as well as the Sanguinor's. I charged in and destroyed all those units - this included wounds taken from No Retreat. The VV were able to consolidate back out of the charge arc from the Tyranid deathstar (aka NidStar) but Dante's unit and the Sanguinor were caught in their line of fire.

Also note that my second assault squad came in from reserve dropping behind the first squad.

The top of the fourth turn the NidStar moved into position to charge Dante's unit and the Sanguinor. The Hive Tyrant cast paroxysm on Dante's unit. The aftermath of the assault was as follows:

- The Sanguinor was destroyed (Hive Tyrant)
- The Chaplain was destroyed (failed leadership test on 3d6 due to wound taken from Prime's bone swords)
- Dante and his Priest broke off using Hit and Run

The Trygon was just able charge my first assault squad and killed five Marines, taking three wounds in return (stunned by two wounds from the sergeant's thunderhammer). The assault squad held and remained locked in combat versus the Trygon.

The bottom of the fourth turn Dante and his Priest joined the VV in their movement ready to counter charge the NidStar. The second assault squad moved into position to assault the stunned Trygon. Dante's new unit then charged the NidStar and my opponent rolled boxcars for his leadership test versus the deathmask. The NidStar took a lot of wounds and were unable to finish off Dante and the VV whom passed their morale check, remaining locked in combat. The assault Marines destroyed the Trygon before it could swing back. Both squads of assault Marines and the second Priest consolidated towards the central building ready to charge the last Tervigon and termagants.

At this point there was less than 15 minutes left to play so we had to call the game and it ended un a draw with neither of us within 6" of the table center. The NidStar wouldn't have been able to reach the table center by the bottom of a turn six and if it had gone one more turn I would have been able to assault the Tervi and gants then consolidate back towards the table center. So I think I would have won if it had gone into a full turn five. I was playing on the second table so a win would have secured either best overall or best general. Those are the breaks though and the game was awesome - my opponent was a lot of fun. I ended up coming in 7th place out of 70 players and I'm happy with the results. My dice overall were on fire and all my opponents were great.

That's it.


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