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Sunday, February 13, 2011

1st batrep from local RTT * pure jump infantry DoA

I had the opportunity to play in a local RTT this past Saturday. Here is the list I ran:

> Commander Dante
> The Sanguinor

> Sanguinary Priest: jump pack, power sword (attached to Dante & Sanguinary Guard)
> Sanguinary Priest: jump pack, power sword & infernus pistol (attached to assault squad)
> Chaplain: jump pack & infernus pistol (attached to assault squad)

> Sanguinary Guard: 2x infernus pistol, power fist & Chapter Banner
> 10x assault Marine: flamer/meltagun; sergeant: thunderhammer & stormshield
> 10x assault Marine: flamer/meltagun; sergeant: thunderhammer & stormshield

Fast Attack
> 6x Vanguard veterans (jump packs): 2x (lightning claw & stormshield), pair of lightning claws, thunderhammer & stormshield, power sword & bolt pistol; sergeant: power fist & stormshield

1st Battle
The first mission was versus a semi mechanized eldar army. Here is the list to the best of my memory:

10x Striking Scorpions
10x Wraithguard & Spiritseer
6x Guardian jetbikes w. 2x Shuriken cannons
10x Storm Guardians - Wave Serpent

The mission was as follows:

* Deployment - Spearhead
* Nightfight all game (w00t!!!)
* Five objectives - one in the center of the table and one in the center of each table quarter; scatter each objective 2d6 after deployment; any unit within 6" of an objective could be automatically spotted.

I won the roll and opted to go second holding my entire army in reserve. ;) One assault squad succumbed to the Red Thirst and the other assault squad their sergeant received the Sanguinor's Blessing. I attached the second Priest and the Chaplain to the assault squad with the super sergeant. My opponent deployed his entire army except for the Phoenix Lord attached to the Scorpions who would outflank. Note that my opponent had not played for a long time and was having some difficulties confusing 4ed with 5ed. >.< He setup most of his army close to the middle of the table while deploying the two Falcons and Storm Guardians back along his table edge. His first two turns he moved the jet bikes, Wraithguard and Avatar towards my table edge. The Wraithlord he split off from the main group to support the two Falcons. The beginning of the second turn the Phoenix Lord and his Aspect Warriors came in on the far table edge (wrong side).

On the bottom of the second turn I rolled for reserves and in came Dante with a Priest and the Sanguinary Guard, the Sanguinor, Vanguard veterans and the assault squad with Red Thirst. Dante and his posse dropped behind a building along with the Sanguinor ready to pop out and assault the main force of the eldar. The Sanguinor chose the Avatar as his vengeful target. My Vanguard vets came in an drifted back 6" which just brought them outside of assault range so I ran them back hoping to keep them outside the range of those nasty Wraithcannons. I took a risk with the assault squad landing them behind the Wave Serpent carrying the Storm Guardians - I rolled a hit and they destroyed the serpent with a shot from the single meltagun into the rear end. The Guardians spilled out, took some wounds and failed their morale check. Definitely a good second turn. :)

Top of the third the jetbikes moved up to shoot Dante and his posse (heh). The Wraithguard moved up to target the VV. :( His other units were too far off to spot anything and the Avatar was well outside of assault range. The jetbikes fired and did enough wounds to just kill the Priest. :( The Vv's stormshields were able to absorb the shots from the Wraithguard. :) The Wraithguard then charged the VV and suffered several losses due to the power fist and thunderhammer.

Bottom of the third turn in came the assault squad with super sarge and friends. Dante and his posse moved up to assault the jetbikes while the Sanguinor moved up to assault the Avatar. The first assault squad moved into position to assault the Storm Guardians while the second assault squad dropped in behind a Falcon and blew it sky high with their meltas. Dante and his Sanguinary Guard shredded the jetbikes, the Sanguinor dropped two wounds on the Avatar while taking no wounds and the first assault squad shredded the Storm Guardians. The VV also dropped a few more Wraithguard and lost one vet. Definitely another very good turn for the Blood Saints again. :)

Over the course of the remaining game the Sanguinor dropped the Avatar, Dante and the Sanguinary Guard joined the fight with the VV versus the Wraithguard and the assault squad with super sarge and friends pulverized the Wraithlord. The Phoenix Lord and his Scorpions were the only eldar survivors coming in on the wrong side and too far away from the action. I ended the first round with a massacre.

Next up - Space Wolves...


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