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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Genghis Con batreps - 2nd Match versus Necrons

The second mission I was paired off against a Necron army. My opponent had some really hot dice in the first two turns and I was feeling nervous. The Mission objective was Capture and Control with Pitched Battle for deployment. My opponent won the roll for deployment and chose to go second. I remembered some advice from DV8 over on the Bolter and Chainsword Blood Angels forum and followed it. I placed my objective in a table corner as far away as possible from where I thought he'd deploy his army and held everything in reserve. My plan was to flank him on two sides and sweep in taking his objective placed in the middle of his DZ.

Here is my opponent's army list as best as I can remember:

Necron Lord: Warsycthe, Phalectry, 4++ save
Necron Lord: Warsycthe, Phalectry, 4++ save

2x Wraith

2x Heavy Destroyer
5x Destroyer

15x Warrior
15x Warrior

10x Immortal

My opponent deployed in a refused flank which I thought was his best option. There was a good amount of terrain which helped me. I didn't really have anything that could pop the Monolith so I was always very careful to keep my units spread out to reduce the damage from the pie plate. I was planning to lock units in combat to force him to pull a unit through the Monolith and prevent it from dropping the pie plate. I know the rules well for Necrons and that also helped. The Destroyers are impossible to catch so I decided to ignore them, focusing on killing the two squads of Warriors first. FNP is awesome versus Necrons and I was blessed by Lady Luck throughout the game.

By hitting my opponent on two flanks I was able to corral his forces and get into assault quickly. Dante and his Sanguinary Guard were brilliant, butchering both squads of Warriors and the two Lords. Phase Out occurred on the fourth turn and I finished round two with a big win. As the game progressed my confidence grew but I don't think I ever got over confident. Necrons are a tough army to bring down but assault is there number one weakness which I was able to exploit well.


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