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Monday, January 12, 2015

Space Marine Scouts

As has been pointed out by Reecius this is the age of the Space Marine Scout. They have an excellent transport, Landspeeder Storm, and can be kitted for either shooting or m─Ślee. I prefer to keep them cheap points wise with either bolters and bolt pistols or bolt pistols and combat blades. They are alright in close combat versus most eldar and Tau troops such as Dire Avengers and Fire Warriors. Scouts can also infiltrate or outflank. They are also objective secured. Camo cloaks mean they can go to ground in a ruin for a 2++ cover save.

You can't go wrong. My preference is five man squads so I can field more units and spread them out around the table. Keep them off the table as long as possible. They are the perfect compliment to many armies.

While fragile the Landspeeder Storm offers some protection, is highly mobile and is an assault vehicle. If you arm your scouts with shotguns they can disembark after the skimmer moves, shoot then launch an assault. My favorite weapon for the Storm is the heavy flamer which is a free upgrade and is perfect for roasting eldar and Tau troops, wounding on a 2+, ignoring cover and bypasses 4+ armor saves. To me it's the perfect counter to enemy units such as those I've already mentioned plus others such eldar jetbikes.

Not much else to say - if you play Space Marinez consider giving them a try and see what you think.

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