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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Do we really need a Harlequin codex ?

Face the fact - eldar are currently the most competitive codex hands down. I know a lot of people are excited about the rumors circulating the past few weeks and I cannot blame them BUT is this something we collectively need? If the rumors are true and the codex is anywhere near the level I imagine it would be that's really scary for non eldar players. I remember the experimental rules in the old Citadel journal - they were disgusting ! Here are some of the rules:

Harlequin models in a unit have 4" coherency as opposed to 2".

Assault weapon for the basic troop is basically a neural shredder - very powerful !!!

Basic m─Ślee weapon inflicts instant death if any save is failed.

Solitaire has a longer assault range (2x) gaining an extra attack for every inch of the distance to charge (remember they are fleet and ignore terrain due to flip belts). The Solitaire could easily wipe out an entire tactical Marine squad before they could even swing back against it.

Wraithlord has an invulnerable save and can be armed with a powerful barrage weapon (think D cannon).

If you played during fourth edition you'll remember how potent were Harlequins when they were re introduced in the eldar codex... You really had to design your army to handle Harlequins as one squad could easily wipe out an entire enemy flank (could consolidate into a fresh combat back then).

I'd like to see the new models if it's true but I have some trepidation too. So far the rumors I've seen don't seem to carry much weight to be honest so it could all be a tempest in a tea cup... We will just have to wait and see.

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