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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

How to kill DraigoStar

DraigoStar is composed of the following units:

- Grey Knights -
Lord Khaldor Draigo: Gate of Infinity (Santic)
Grey Knight Librarian: Level 3 Psyker • Liber Daemonica • Divination Lore

- Space Marines (Ultramarines) -
Chief Librarian Tigerius: Level 3 Psyker • Telepathy Lore

Devastator Centurions (DevCents): Grav Cannons • Grav Amps • Missile Launchers
Sergeant: Twin Linked Lascannon • Omniscope

Tigerius is there for Invisibility, Shrouded and Psychic Shriek plus he allows you to re roll your reserves so it's just like having a comms relay for free.

Grey Knighy
The Grey Knight Librarian is there for Perfect Timing and Prescience plus the Liber Daemonica allows him to roll once on the Santic Lore hoping for Sanctuary so Draigo will have a 2++ invulnerable save. If you roll Forewarning on the Divination Lore then DraigoStar has access to a 3++ overall invulnerable save.

Grey Knights must be your primary force so you can field Draigo (Lord of War) - therefore you can take a second Grey Knight Librsrian as a backup for the Divination and Telepathy lores should you fail to roll Invisibility for Tigerius or Perfect Timing for the first Grey Knight Librarian but like I said above don't want to invest too many points into DraigoStar. The GK Librarian can also potentially be a backup for Gate of Infinity if you take the Liber Daemonica to roll on the Santic lore.

DraigoStar with Invisibility, Perfect Timing and Prescience can reliably drop one enemy unit per turn and potentially even two since the DevCent sergeant can split fire his lascannon. Versus transport heavy armiez such as Serpent Spam once you've immobilized a transport move onto the next target. Shrouding is an excellent backup to Invisibility for this Deathstar. DraigoStar is the definition of overkill - it's so good at what it does.

Missile launchers are well worth the points for the DevCents. They provide the following major advantages versus their stock hurricane bolters:

- Better range (assuming you don't Gate any particular turn)
- S8 is an excellent deterrent versus Imperial Knights
- Dropping twin linked blast is potentially better versus infantry

Severian Loth vs. Tigerius
If you use Forgeworld you can field the special character Librarian Severian Loth from the Red Scorpions Chapter. He has access to a 2++ invulnerable save should you need it plus can automatically choose his psychic lores which is a huge advantage as it eliminates the chance you might not roll Invisibility. Personally I'm not a big fan of Forgeworld chapter tactics since most everyone always chooses the Red Scorpions so they can take Loth... It's a quirk of mine and lots of people are of the opinion if you're going so far as to field DraigoStar then why wouldn't you take Loth.

Support Units
The number of DevCents is typically three to five... Four being a good number since you'll need to have enough points left over to field solid support units so you can score objectives. If you dedicate too many points to DraigoStar the army will suffer as a whole and you can't count on it to win games all by its lonesome. These units will either make or break you... DraigoStar is the ultimate eraser but not every game is going to be Purge the Alien so it definitely needs the support to take objectives. Don't max out on the DevCents and you really don't need a second GK Librarian to be quite honest.

You'll need a good number of objective secured units (four I think is optimal) to make sure you have at least two left by the end of the game. Keep them in reserve as long as possible to keep them alive - this is where the Stormraven can play a vital role. While fragile objective secured transports such as drop pods and rhinos help you put more of these units on the table when you need them. Remember that Tigerius lets re roll successful reserves so you can keep them off the table longer.

Your Space Marine troop choices (tactical and scout squads) should have teleport homers which become vital towards the end game when you teleport DraigoStar via Gate to lock down objectives. I also think a Stormraven is an excellent choice with a locator beacon which is very helpful to prevent scatters during the midgame plus it can transport a troop hopefully keeping them safe inside until you need it to grab an objective. If you run a full Strike squad both combat squads can paratroop from the Stormraven independent of the other which is very powerful for late game objectivd grabbing.

Next article I'll follow up with this Deathstar's weaknesses.

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