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Monday, January 26, 2015

DraigoStar vs. Green Tide Part 2

1st Turn - Green Tide
Basically the Tide moves up to get as many shootaz and rokkits in range. Artillery moves up as well.

I manage to deny the Witch when the Weird Boy attempts to cast the beam of Orky death.

After all the shooting is done Draigo has one wound left and a couple of Cents take a wound too. Could have been a lot worse.

1st Turn - DraigoStar
The star backs away from the Tide. Draigo goes to the back with all the Cents lined up to fire on the flanking Loota squad.

Psychic Phase - I successfully cast Invisibility, Shrouding and Perfect Timing. Also Severin Loth burns a warp charge for the 2++ save.

Shooting Phase - DevCents destroy the Lootaz for First Blood and one kill point.

Green Tide - 0
DraigoStar - FB, 1 KP

2nd Turn - Green Tide
The Tide moves up again as well as the Ork artillery. The Tide shifts so some of the mob are flanking around on the other side of the LoS blocking terrain to cut off the star.

No psychic powers are attempted by the Weird Boy.

This time the shooting phase for the Orks is not nearly as effective due to the psychic buffs. Severin Loth takes a wound and I lose one DevCent.

2nd Turn - DraigoStar
The scouts arrive from reserve via outflank coming in on the far side from the Tide close to the two squads of Gretchin and my opponent's Emperor's Will objective marker. I position the Storm right inside the table corner. Stormraven (full squad of Grey Knights embarked inside) and deep strking Strike squad both fail to show.

The star moves around behind the LoS blocking terrain deeper into my table corner moving out to draw line of sight on the remaining Loota squad. This drastically reduces overall line of sight for the Tide and Ork artillery can no longer target the star. Hopefully the Tide is too far off to be able to launch an assault next turn.

Psychic Phase - I successfully cast Shrouding, Perfect Timing and Prescience but Invisibility is denied.

Shooting Phase - DevCents blast the Lootaz with frag and the lascannon wiping out the unit for another kill point.

Green Tide - 0
DraigoStar - FB, 2 KP

3rd Turn - Green Tide
This could be a pivotal turn if the Tide can make the charge into the star. The Tide moves towards the star again drawn further into my table corner. Only some shootaz and a couple of rokkits are in range. Shooting sees no wounds inflicted into the star and my opponent comes up short on the charge.

3rd Turn - DraigoStar
The five man Strike squad arrives from reserve but not the Stormraven. I place the Strike squad over by the Gretchin and they scatter on top of one squad. I roll a 2 for the mishap and my opponent places them beside the Tide.

The Storm moves up to heavy flamer one squad of Gretchin. The star moves out from behind the LoS blocking terrain to target the Tide in case I fail to cast Gate of Infinity... If I kill enough maybe it'll keep them from being able to assault next turn.

Psychic Phase - I successfully cast Gate and Prescience. The star deep strikes over to the other side of the table beside the Gretchin leaving the Tide stranded.

Shooting Phase - Storm heavy flamers one Gretchin squad roasting them all alive and the Star shoots down the other squad. I now control my opponent's Emperor's Will objective marker having abandoned Crusade.

Green Tide - 0
DraigoStar - FB, 4 KP

We play out the next two turns but there's not much the Orks can do now as the Tide and Ork artillery are way out of position.

I win on Purge the Alien, draw on Emperor's Will and lose on Crusade. I have First Blood and Line Breaker while my opponent only has Line Breaker. So the final result is I end up winning by First Blood... Very close game !

Post Game Analysis
This is a good example how to win the ATC mission with DraigoStar or any multi objective mission versus an army that greatly outnumbers yours... Go for First Blood and Line Breaker then split the primary objectives. Purge the Alien should be easy to win. Don't focus too much on Slay the Warlord if it'll interfere with claiming the other objectives. I only needed to use Gate once and drawing the bulk of the Ork army deep into my table corner was key.

Did I mention I hate getting seized on ?

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