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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Angron versus Leman Russ - the lost records (Part 1)

This is my interpretation how the fight went down between the two Primarchs.

Angron gazed across the open chamber. Leman Russ was all he could see as his vision began to turn deep crimson. His words came hard but he focused his intent not letting the nails take his mind. "Action not words. You aren't welcome here." Angron turned his back to Russ looking upon the wall at the various m─Ślee weapons mounted upon the gleaming bronze nacelles. One after another he took off his gauntlets and threw them to the floor. "I'll fight you with my bare hands. If you're man enough then do the same." he challenged. The World Eater began to stride throwing aside all that stood in his immediate path.

Leman Russ watched intently as Angron quickly closed the gap. "Only a fool or mad man would fight bare handed." he said as he raised his Frost sword. The long chain teeth taken from an ancient Kraken began to whir.

"Coward." said Angron, his voice booming like a great drum. The World Eater lowered his left shoulder disappearing as he charged. The impact was like a tidal wave crashing upon a forgotten beach. Leman Russ staggered but kept his boots underneath him as swung the Frost sword from right to left. Angron materialized for a brief moment catching the sword under his left arm like a vice. He tensed his body snapping the weapon apart like a brittle piece of twig. His forehead drove into Russ' like a siege hammer. The Space Wolf's vision blurred for a moment and his eyes teared from the stinging blow. One of Angron's mailed fist cut up squarely catching Russ' jaw. Teeth broke and blood began to pour from his nostrils then Angron caught him with his other open arm throwing him over his hip with a lightning quick move. Russ looked up from the floor as the World Eater stamped a boot down upon him stomping into his chestplate. The armor whined as servos snapped and a crack appeared. Reaching down Angron clutched Russ by his long red mane twisting it hard. The hair ripped loose with a piece of the frayed scalp coming with it. Hot blood spilled into Russ' eyes blinding him. "Stand up and fight like a man." Angron goaded the Space Wolf as he backed away.

Russ rose to his feet still strong and drew a short doubled edged gladius from the sheath. The edges had been honed into fractal lines, they could cut through admantium armor with the monomolecular edges. He drove the point deep into Angron's torso puncturing the bronzed armor straight through the rear side. The World Eater took the blow cupping his hands into fists smashing them into Russ' temples jogging the brain. One hand opened as he gripped Russ by the wrist twisting it back and forth with savage fury breaking his grip on the short hilt of the gladius. Angron pulled the blade free then tossed it aside. It crashed against the cobbled stone floor and bounced away. He still held Russ by the wrist and twisted it again tearing a tendon loose. The Space Wolf howled in pain bearing his long sharp fangs snapping at the World Eater. Angron flashed his grinding metal teeth spitting acid at Russ' face. The blood boiled pitting the skin as the pink meat sizzled. "What is it like to know such pain?" asked Angron.

Russ lunged forward sinking his teeth into Angron's neck biting into a pulsing artery. Blood spurted out spraying like a deep fountain. Angron caught his breath as he clamped one hand to his neck staunching the deep wound. "Well done you cur, I didn't think you had it in you." His bloody hand came free and drove two fingers into Russ' exposed eyes jabbing them hard. Angron laughed as he caught his breath. He slapped the Space Wolf across the face forcing his head to turn aside then he drove up an armored knee catching Russ in the groin.

They looked upon each other for a moment sizing each other up. Russ looked worse for the wear but copious amounts of blood still gushed from the torn wound in Angron's exposed neck. The two Primarchs cautiously shuffled from side to side both ready for the next attack. Russ pulled forth a poisoned blade coated with a deadly venom taken from a Catachan Devil.

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