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Sunday, January 25, 2015

DraigoStar vs. Green Tide (1850)

I'm still trying to decide whether to run BikeStar or DraigoStar for TempleCon. Today was a test match versus Green Tide and I was running Severin Loth.

Here's my list:

Draigo (LoW & Warlord)
Level 3 Librarian - stormbolter - nemesis daemonhammer - liber daemonica (HQ)

9x Grey Knight - 2x psycannon (troop)
Justicar - nemesis daemonhammer

4x Grey Knight - psycannon (troop)
Justicar - nemesis daemonhammer

Stormraven - hurricane sponsons - twin linked multi-melta - twin linked assault cannon - locator beacon

-Red Scorpions-
Severian Loth (HQ)

Techmarine - combi-plasma (HQ)

4x Devastator Centurion - Grav cannons & missiles
Sergeant - twin linked lascannon - missile - omniscope

5x Scout - bolt pistols & chain blades (troop)
Landspeeder Storm - heavy flamer

Psychic Powers:
Draigo - Gate of Infinity - Hammerhand
GK Librarian - Hammerhand - Prescience - Perfect Timing - Precognition - Foreboding
Loth - Psychic Shriek - Shrouding - Invisibility - Hallucinate

Here is my opponent's list to the best I can remember:

Warboss - da fink'n cap - 'eavy armor - power klaw

Warboss - super boss pole - 'eavy armor- power klaw


Big Mekk - megarmor - kill saw

Green Tide formation - shootaz & rokkits - power klaws

5x Artillery (S5 + d6 AP1) - grot riggers

Gretchin w. Runt Herder

Gretchin w. Runt Herder

7x Loota

7x Loota

Weirdboy psychic powers were S10 AP1 18" nova & +1 attack

My opponent got Master of Ambush for his WLT.

We played the ATC mission with Dawn of War deployment:

Primary 1 - Crusade (4 objective markers)
Primary 2 - Emperor's Will
Primary 3 - Purge the Alien

Secondaries - First Blood - Slay the Warlord - Line Breaker

My opponent won the roll to choose his deployment zone. I got the side with a nice piece of line of sight blocking terrain to hide DraigoStar. I then won the roll to deploy and go first... I deployed only the star:

Draigo - Librarian - Loth - DevCents - Techmarine

I placed them behind the LoS blocking terrain which was in the left hand comer of my table edge.

My opponent infiltrated the Green Tide 18" away from the star with the artillery behind them. One Loota squad also infiltrated within range to shoot the star. Gretchin deployed on his EW objective marker and the other Loota squad deployed on his right flank also able to see a couple of my DevCents.

Note my EW objective marker was behind the LoS blocking terrain with my star on top. Crusade objective markers were spread evenly across the table all outside of either deployment zone.

My opponent then rolls to seize and up pops a 6. Wow this is like the third or fourth time I've been seized on in a row. It really makes you stop and wonder for a moment.

More to follow.

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