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Friday, April 02, 2010

About Allan Hernandez aka Blackmoor

About Allan Hernandez

Also known as Blackmoor...

Allan posted this mindless drivel over on Dakka attacking Gareth:


I feel that Allan was both jealous of Gareth and also quite bitter that he did not make the cut. I also find it very strange that after this thread was started Greg Sparks then discovered that they did not add up the points correctly and Gareth has now been relegated to third alternate.



Jwolf said...

I checked the scores (they are posted, after all). Paul Migliano had 3rd in Gladiator and 11th in Championship (call it 14). Nick Rose had 1st in Gladiator and 15th in Championship (16). Gareth Hunt had 29th in Gladiator and 5th in Championship (34). So as far as those dudes go, Gareth would be third, according to the way the scoring for the Team America thing was set up. So nothing there is incorrect. He'll probably end up going, if he wants to, anyway - someone will likely drop.

MorbidlyObeseMonkey said...

That thread is hilarious.



I wish I could've seen what Blackmoor wrote before it was deleted.

Anonymous said...
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Danny Internets said...
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Danny Internets said...


He really didn't post anything offensive and it was only moderated because Dakka has a strict policy when it comes to any posts that target specific people.

Blackmoor said matter-of-factly that many people believe that Gareth cheated, though he didn't say whether or not he agreed with this (follow-up replies suggest he does). I don't wish to start a discussion here about the truth or untruth of this claim, but it is the case that many people do believe it. It seems the incident was only mentioned explicitly because another poster asked exactly what the drama surrounding Gareth was about.

Still sucks that he was seemingly told he qualified for the team and then was told that it was a mistake.

(Deleted and re-posted because I messed up the formatting)

Terminus Est said...

Hi guys! As JWolf has stated after adding up the points it looks like there was an initial mistake, so no problem with the re-alignment and I think if Brad Chester makes the trip over he will be an excellent addition to the team. I played Brad in the last round of the Gladiator and he is definitely a solid player, plus he is part of the Toledo crew which I think will help as well. I hope Team America does there best.

I was sitting right in front of Allan when they announced Gareth's name and it seemed to me from his comments that Allan was jealous. I know Allan really wanted to go based on what he had said previously on Dakka. Over on the Dakka thread Allan stated he could have easily made the team if he had brought a competitive army to Adepticon. I found that statement to be a bit ludicrous and also pretty much of a copout. His attack on Gareth I felt was uncalled for. I remember back when the shit hit the following the 2008 Ard Boyz finals. Gareth took it really hard and I think he was considering dropping out of 40k with all the hearsay and scuttlebutt posted on the Internet regarding the cheating incident. I've known Gareth for years and he is one of my best friends. Gareth is one of the best tournament players I know. I have played with him and against him many times... I don't remember any further allegations of any cheating following Ard Boyz 2008. To me what Allan said was a cheap shot and directed in jealousy seeing someone much younger than himself did better. I've known Allan for a long time as well (he used to live here in Florida) and to be honest I was shocked by his attack on Gareth. Seeing that the scores from Adepticon were most likely incorrectly totaled to see who would join Team America in the last two open slots all Allan really succeeded in doing was draw the ire of the 40k Wrecking Crew. It seems to me that based upon my own personal experience Allan is okay with cheating if it helps him win but not so if it doesn't. It should be one way or another in my mind. Allan also took a poke at Stelek on the Dakka thread at the expense of Gareth which I thought was another low blow. Myself and 40k Wrecking Crew have made amends with Stelek. I am always saddened to see other people like Allan trying to still stoke the flames of anger over something that occurred over two years ago. I had thought rather highly of Blackmoor up until yesterday... Oh well.


MorbidlyObeseMonkey said...

Well don't forget that people make mistakes. Allan may have crossed the line but he has probably realized it, just like Gareth. From what I have seen they are both nice and reasonable people.

Blackmoor said...

Well, well, well.

#1. I was playing in the 'Ard Boyz that Gareth won, and I never said anything about it one way or another in all of the threads that came out afterwords (to the best of my recollection), in fact, I was defending the Wrecking Crew in most of them.

#2. The person who was enraged over it was Stelek (which was odd because he did not have a dog in that fight), and all I was doing was posting that if Stelek found out about it he would have an apoplectic fit.

#3. As far as him not being the best choice to represent team USA, I as just echoing what some other people told me Sunday night. I was just the messenger. Now I am not hiding behind the fact that I repeated what others said, but it should not come as any surprise to you Steve, that Gareth is seen by some as having a less than stellar reputation. Although I have never played him myself, he seemed like a nice enough guy in Orlando and at other events that I have run into him. I personally will not say he cheated, because unless you do it in a game that I am playing in, I will not spread gossip without having first hand knowledge.

#4. I wanted to play in the ETC but it is a ton of money, so I really did not care that much. I brought fun lists to Adepticon(I was play-testing my pre-heresy Thousand Sons) and I went 3-1 at the Gladiator and 1-0-2 in the Yellow championships. If I wanted to win really bad I could have taken some hard-as-nails army, but I just wanted to have fun. I will bring a hard chaos army to the So Cal Slaughter in Space though, so we will get to see how I will do when I bring the lumber.

Terminus Est said...

Allan you did state that Gareth cheated over in the Dakka thread, twice in fact. Of course the moderating team deleted those posts the same day and there was also some heavy editing. Now I'm not calling you a liar, just stating the facts. Also I was sitting right in front of you and the Dakka crew when Gareth's name was called and I heard some of the sour grapes comments you guys made.

I forgot that Sunday night was the Adepticon poker game. I would have liked to attend but I had an early flight the next morning to Texas for work. Sadly I can easily imagine the talk concerning Gareth during the poker game regarding his selection to the team. It just boggles my mind that here we are after two years following the Ard Boys fiasco and with no proof he cheated people such as yourself still want to wave this flag to discredit my friend. You are well aware that in light of all the evidence GW did not rescind his title. As I have stated the perception on what actually occurred is simply wrong. You being on the end of some internet hate yourself based upon the perception of your foot eldar list not being competitive & people saying you got every break necessary to win the Wild West Shootout in a city where you live I would have thought you'd be more open minded and not let others use you to be their Patsy. Shame on you. How long are people going to keep bringing this up everytime Gareth wins an event? It's weak and just comes as across as jealously and hate of an extremely talented young person. That's all it is at the end of the day. So yeah Dakka can clean their forums to hide things like this but some of us know the truth.

And please do me a favor and don't try to drag Stelek into this. That's extremely poor on your part playing the role of an instigator. Like I have said WC & Stelek have made amends, please try to respect that.


Grizzled Gamer said...

To Blackmoor and BBF/GBF:
I am a reader and follower of both of you guys. I follow your posts on your blogs and on the forums. I follow you for different reasons, both of you have been successful with your various armies and both of you have different and unique insights into the game of Warhammer 40,000.
Perhaps it is because I am older, but I think that you guys are wasting both time and effort on petty arguments.
Having retired from the Marine Corps relatively intact, I have seen first hand how short life is, I have lost more than my share of friends to real life war and combat.
Both life and time are to precious to waste on arguments like the above encounter that I read on both your blogs. It is a game and while we invest both time and effort into it; it should not become the central focus of our lives - so much so that we waste a lot of time and effort on pointless and fruitless arguments.
It is my sincere hope that you have put this behind you and in the future, one or both of you will be the "better man" and not let so trivial matters dominate your blogs and posts.
-Magilla Gurilla-

Terminus Est said...

Thanks your candid feedback Magilla. It is appreciated.