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Blood Vow

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sea Change • Part II

"It's despicable that you would sacrifice your own kin." said Astorath the Grim as he looked into the rumy old eyes of the shaman. "You have mistaken me for a World Eater. My company destroyed their battlebarge with a pre emptive strike upon our arrival to your world. I was summoned here to find your grand daughter. She is blessed and destined for greater things." The High Priest released his grip dropping the old man with a dull thud upon the rocky ground. His jump pack then ignited and the Blood Angel stepped off the cliff.

The shaman slowly crept along through the stony rocks until he could see down beyond the high towering cliff to the beach below. Astorath had grabbed a hold of Deliaha pulling her up just in time as a giant wave engulfed the pair crashing into the breakers. Suddenly Astorath shot up out of the waves soaring up into the pitch. Suddenly the old man realized he would never see his grand daughter again. He had left her for dead but fate had intervened saving her from a violent and brutal death. He then realized others from his tribe had come to watch as well. They held up bright torches and carried their axes.

"Was the sacrifice fitting?" asked one of the councilmen.

The shaman slowly lifted himself from the cold ground standing before them. "Yes. The Angels are sated and I believe they shall never return again."

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