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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Tactica Chaos Space Marines vs. IG Mech • Part I

I played 11 games total over the course of the weekend while at Adepticon and had the opportunity to play several games versus IG Mech. This article is based upon the experience I amassed over the weekend and will use Chaos Space Marines (CSM) as an example. Here is my list I ran at the Championship RTT:

2x Daemon Prince/Wings, Mark of Slaanesh, Lash
3x 6x Plague Marine/power fist, 2x meltagun - rhino/Havoc Missile Launcher
5x KhorneBerzerker/power fist
Landraider/extra armor, Havoc Missile Launcher
3x Obliterator
3x Obliterator

This is a standard lash spam CSM list with no real surprises. You can easily squeeze in a summoned greater daemon if you drop one Nurgle Marine from each Plague squad along with extra armor & Havoc Missile Launcher on the landraider. Four solid scoring units, ample long range shooting (landraider + Oblits = 8) plus decent assault with the pair of princes, troops and Obliterators.

Here is a typical IG Mech list built around 1850 points as well:

Command Squad/meltaguns + Officer of the Fleet - chimera
3-4 Veteran squads/3x meltagun - chimera
Psyker Battle Squadron - chimera
3 Leman Russ - Demolisher, Executioner
Medusa and/or Manticore
2 Vendettas

That's seriously a lot of shooting!

I will break this article into the three stages of the game:
Initial Game (turns 1&2)
Mid Game (turn 3)
End Game (turns 4+)

Obviously the first turn is very important and you should go first if possible. If you lose the roll off attempt to seize the initiative! The first article in this series of posts deals primarily having the first player turn although I do provide some tips in case you have to go second.

First you want to target the Vendettas to help neutralize an IG Alpha Strike. If the IG player can go first they will embark melta toting veterans in the Vendettas, scout move then blast your best armor with their meltas. It's important to discuss the scout rule prior to the game. Vendettas can scout move but they are non dedicated transports so by the rules they should not be able to scout move with an embarked squad since guardsmen can't scout move. Take Possessed Chaos Space Marines as a counter example... Their rules explicitly state they can scout move in their dedicated rhino, but they can't scout if they are initially embarked in a landraider. It's very clear so discuss this with your IG opponent to soften uo their Alpha Strike. Personally I think a lot of IG players are getting over on this one.

To be continued...



TheKing Elessar said...

Actually, the rule tells us that the unit confers on the Transport if Dedicated. Not anything to do with the other way around.


Terminus Est said...

Fair enough. My point being the rules don't state a non dedicated transport can confer hte scout move on a unit without the Scout USR.


TheKing Elessar said...

Absolutely, but I think, in fairness, there's no reason why the passengers wouldn't WANT to...

Vet: Hey, where we going?!

Pilot: Oh, just around the enemy's flank. Y'know, to kill some stuff in the Side Armour, pick on support units, reach objectives quicker etc etc...

Vet: No way man, no, f-ing way! Let me out! Let me the hell out!

Terminus Est said...

It's not about what the passengers would like to do. It's about what the rules state or don't state what they can do.