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Friday, April 16, 2010

Death Co. 1850 list

• Astorath hte Grim (220)

• Death Company #1: 4x DC Marine/jump packs, 3x power weapon, power fist, 2x infernus pistol (240)
• Lemartes (150)
• Death Company dreadnaught/heavy flamer (135)
• Death Company #2: 9x DC Marine/2x power weapon, power fist, 2x infenus pistol - rhino/extra armor (305)
• Assault Marine x10/flamer, meltagun, infernus pistol, power fist - Landraider Redeemer/extra armor, multi-melta (460)

• Chaplain (100)

Heavy Support
• Stormraven/TL lascannon, TL multi-melta, extra armor (215)

Fast Attack
• Landspeeder Typhoon/multi-melta

Deployment is as follows:

* Omega Sword - Astorath, Lemartes, Death Company #1, Death Company dreadnaught - bundled in Stormraven

* Death Sword - Death Company #2, Chaplain - Landraider Redeemer

* Bravo Sword - Assault squad - rhino

• Black Gale - Landspeeder Typhoon



Andrew said...

I hate to ask, but how are you planning on holding objectives? It seems that only the Assault Squad can actually control an objective.

Green Blow Fly said...

This was my first crack at a Death Company army and I was trying to design a competitive build. There are a lot of newbies to Blood Angels saying a squad of 30 DC with jump packs can win by tabling their opponents. I don't think they have any experience to base their opinion on... Sure it sounds really bad ass but I want to see some batreps with big wins versus top tiered lists. The list I present here is based upon my dual core Stormraven army and my 10+ years playing Blood Angels. Back when I played the 3ed Blood Angels through to the end of 4ed I only ever lost a total of 3 games and to be honest somewhere along the way I lost track of how many tournaments I won. I played hundreds of games with my 3ed Blood Angels and the majority of my wins came after the death of rhino rush... So I think I know what I am doing.

The main problem with a DC heavy army is you can't hold lots of objectives. I took one full assault squad that I can split into two combat squads... That is still quite slim. What i like most about this list is the Omega Sword - Astorath, Lemartes, 4 tooled DC Marines and a Death Company dreadnaught in hte Stormraven. This bundled unit is harder hitting than my Golden Sword. It is though a small unit overall which is definitely a weakness. If Omega Sword does well then I might swap it out with Golden Sword in my primary dual core Stormraven list.

The biggest strengths of Blood Angels harken back to 3ed:

• Superior speed & mobility
• Specialist characters & wargear/options
• Hard hitting assault phases

I think it will be possible to build an army that is basically one big deathstar. To me that is what Blood Angels were always about anyways. It's good to get back to hte basics.