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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Playing Jump Infantry Style Blood Angels • Synopsis

These articles are designed for people who want to play jump heavy armies. That is where I see Blood Angels being the strongest & there is slowly growing a trend towards anti Mexh. Sure the new codex has lots of great choices for mechanization but I like to try to stay ahead of the meta curve. I really don't like boring army lists that simply produce predictable results. I find it somewhat amusing all the fanfare for the razor spam lists you see a lot of people playing with both SM & SW, & now BA. Armor 11 is okay but I would never build an army around it with 5 man squads carrying flamers. I think my style of play will beat these lists because I am more mobile and can alpha strike razor spam then mop up. I live in area where there is a lot of very competitive play & to be honest I don't see much razor spam. I have played against other similar style maximum overdrive lists and they have never been a problem for me.

So here I will cover the subjects of unit analysis, tactics & strategies for jump heavy Blood Angels style armies.




Magilla Gurilla said...

It will be very interesting to see your army in action, as it bucks the current trend of Razorback/Baal Spam that is flooding the net.
Please take a few pictures of the army.
Oh, you still using the army that has a sort of Flesh Tearer look to it?

Green Blow Fly said...

I have already posted a couple of batreps here featuring my new list. I am going away from the Flesh Tearers look since it seems to be so popular now. Astorath will have the traditional appearance you see from 'eavy Metal. Honor Guard will be painted in black armor with some red trim. Honor Guard & Priest will be painted gold. One Stormraven will be gold (Omega Sword) and the other black (Black Sword). Assault Marines will have black armor & red helmets. Furioso Librarian will have golden plate armor & regular dreadnaught will have black armor with some red striping. Should look really nice when finished. GMM Studios is building/painting the Stormravens & dreadnaughts. I'll build all the Marines and GMM will paint those as well.



Brent said...

I agree; I'm also interested in seeing where this goes. I've been having (much documented!) problems working out a viable list.


The_King_Elessar said...

Much documented? lol, I'll say - I've seen it mentioned on at least 5 Blogs...

Green Blow Fly said...

I have found that while my armies are effective for me I don't often see other people play them. It does though sound like my Khornate daemon list is a little bit popular.

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