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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

LOL alert

I saw this posted on a local forum, was directed at me:

"I think someone should quit bitching because they made his new uber army of doom and its nice shiny new codex actually have a cheap Achilles heel. Marines have never been weak, recently have been one of the most powerful armies out there and you are complaining because there is a cheap way to stop a particular build. Dude, F U. I have had to redo my entire primary and favorite IG army because GW made my old list completely illegal, not just unusable, but completely and utterly illegal with no way of even coming up with something close. So forgive me if I have no sympathy for some power gaming WAAC player who is crying because a 32 point unit is somehow tearing apart his army or at least on paper seems to have the potential to tear apart his army. In practice this doesnt seem to be the case from what .... and .... have said, I do not think I have ever seen a mystic on the table outside an Inq army. Find something more important to bitch about, you and your crying of brokenness and unfairness is falling upon deaf ears, at least you can still use your favorite army the way you want.

"Oh and you can feel free to add this to your silly little blog if it makes you feel better, you know who you are."

Okay so I have posted this on my blog as per request. :P Funny to see someone actually complaining about the new IG codex. They have lots & lots of great choices in exchange for the loss of multiple drop teams. I remember a game in a tournament, the new IG codex had been out for around three weeks and the TO made a decision that you could still run with the old codex but this would be the last time. I hapened to face off versus an IG drop army the last game of said tournament with my old Blood Angels army. I placed my rhinos and Baals in a corner deployment forcing the drop teams to take risky deep strikes if they wanted to land in good positions to melta my tanks. All my Marines were mexhed up to protect them from rapid firing plasmagun death. It worked like a charm with roughly over one third of the drop teams mishapping. My Baals shot down the rest. This particular guard player spent the entire game whining about how broken was my army list and telling me multiple times that he despised special characters, I was running with Dante & Corbulo. I just found these comments to be a bit absurd coming from someone that was playing an all drop team army with two Leman Russ Demolishers... Looked pretty darn WAAC to me & was definitely designed as a MEQ killing army. Anyways I won handily (victory points). I found out later that day this opponent chipmunked me on my soft scores... I played fair, so I suppose for him this was some small measure of revenge for losing to my Blood Angels.

While I am not a fan of allies and believe they will go the way of the dodo bird when the next Ordos codex is released I don't see the Inq/Mys unit being a thorn in the side for the new BA. As my batrep here has demonstrated you can safely alpha strike mexh armies from range taking out the big threats during the initial phase of hte game.



Brent said...

I lost a game to Sanctuary recently! I was playing Daemons in one of the new Battle Missions, one where you collect objective counters for having a troop choice touching an objective.

My opponent stuck an Inquisitor in a Land Raider and parked it between two Scout squads, each of whom were touching objectives. Game over! I killed the entire army, but lost the game because I literally wasn't allowed to attack those 3 units.

I thought it was funny then and I still do.

But he was able to add that element specifically for my army, knowing I would be there - it's a huge weakness. I'm not sure what I can do about it, except hope I don't draw missions where it can be applied so forcefully.


Green Blow Fly said...

Yeah that is kind of funny. I think it was two years ago the Hod brought a Sanctuary Grey Knight army to the Ard Boyz opening round and beat Gareth's FateCrusher spam army... Three landraiders with squads embarked in a corner shielding the rest of hte army. It is one of those tricks you can only successfully pull off knowing in advance you'll be up against a daemon army so it's pretty limited... Over the top when it works though.

I remember once I was playing a game way back in 4 edition.... I had a siren prince and my opponent had a Templars army with a Grand Master toting Sanctuary. Finally late towards the end of the game he failed a psychic test and my prince then ate the Grand Master and his Emperor's Champion... Kind of funny on the flip side when Sanctuary fails to work. Heh.


MorbidlyObeseMonkey said...

The DH is inquisitor is IMO the most overpowered unit in the game. Sanctuary is way over the top.

I don't know that guy but the fact that he is complaining about his shiny new IG codex shows to me that he is living in the past of 40k. He needs to move on.

The_King_Elessar said...

I'd like to know WTF his list is if he can't come close to replicating it with the new Dex :S

Thanks for the lol. :)