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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

New Tzeentch Psy Powers

There are 10 formations within the book and inside the detachment.

There are 6 Chaos Space Marine formations and 4 Daemon Formations.

There are Updates to Daemonic Loci as well as Icons of Chaos. The Aspiring Sorcerer and Scarab Occult Sorcerer have multiple wargear options.

The Tzeentch Discipline is added. there are also all 4 Traitor Marine Psychic Disciplines inside.

Magnus, Ahriman, Exalted Sorcerers, Scarab Occult Sorcerers as well as Aspiring Sorcerers all have acces to 11 Disciplines (all 6 BRB Disciplines, all 4 Traitor Marine Disciplines aswell as the updated new Tzeentch one)
finally Ahriman is able to Cast powers of his Corvidae Cult as well as many, many more.

Psychic Powers from War Zone Fenris: Wrath of Magnus:

Primaris: Blessing: +1 additional bonus to Mark of Tzeentch & Daemons of Tzeentch invulnerable saves. Passed saves reflect S3 AP3 Blind hits back.
1: Blessing: Target unit Re-rolls all to hit rolls
2: Blessing: Pick the result of one dice in your turn
3: Blessing: Target unit weapons gain Force special rule
4: Witchfire: Range: 3d6″ S: D6 AP: D6 Assault D6
5: Focused Witchfire: D6 roll off adding any number of Warp Charges you want to spend, for each point the opponent loses by take a Perils of the Warp test.
6: Beam Witchfire: Range: 12″ S: D AP-, Warpcharge 1: -2 to D table Warpcharge 2: -1 to D table Warpcharge 3: normal D table

Magnus the Red Rubric power: Nova Witchfire 12″ that works like Mind War and transforms things it kills into new Thousand Sons or Spawn.

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