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Blood Vow

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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Black Vengeance - Part 7

The Blood Angels Chaplain wore a golden skull mask embedded into his ancient helm. Silver fangs erupted from the snub grill covering his mouth. He bound up high onto a stony rock formation grasping at a clutch of fragmentation grenades clipped to his utility belt. He tossed the grenades down upon the traitors and they exploded showering the enemy with a cloud of burning shrapnel. The rest of his assault squad leapt upon them like a pack of wolves carrying massive chain swords and power axes. Limbs were shorn off and helmets fell to the ground. The traitors broke and were swept aside as the Blood Angels chased them down.

Charging into another large cluster of the enemy the Leviathan rained down massive blows with its drill and claw pulverizing one traitor after another. Gore and blood sprayed from its weapons of mass destruction. A set of large vox amplifiers fitted to the top of the dreadnaught's upper chassis began to resonate filling the air with an eerie blood curdling war cry. Again the traitors broke then were run down as the metal behemoth stomped them into a bloody paste. The war engine frenzied seeking a new target to destroy.

Just beyond the clutch of Blood Angels emerged a towering group of terminators clad in thick plates of black admantium armor. Their armor was covered in ancient runes, some depicting large crimson orbs cut in the shape of burning eyes. The Justaerins were armed with mostly power fist and claws. One of them had a pair on long power swords glowing with electrical energy. The swords splat large blue sparks that cut into the stony ground. Some carried combi weapons fitted with under slung melta and plasma barrels. They bristled with an inner hate that seeped out from their dark armor in waves.

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