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Blood Vow

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Black Vengeance - Part 12, Exorcism

"My armor is from an age of ancient technology that rivals your gods." said Promenthius. "Sometimes alone faith is not enough."

Arghul Tul felt a pair of eyes watching him. He turned to see a woman watching him only a few meters away. Her eyes burned into his own forcing him to involuntarily flinch and turn away. The Custodes immediately took advantage of the distraction plunging his sword into the possessed' exposed armored thigh. Promenthius twisted the blade severing tendons and splintered the thigh bone. The pain was intense and overpowering. All was silent across the battlefield, everyone was watching. Tul wanted to shout out for help but knew it would be seen as a sign of weakness.

"Your warmaster divided the Imperium for his own interest, not out of any altruistic endeavor." said the Custodes through gritted teeth. "The Emperor implicitly trusted him and you murdered my brothers." The daemon within was suddenly silent no longer present and Tul felt his great strength ebbing away. No longer did the wound automatically repair itself.

Promenthius withdrew his long sword. "The daemon has been exercised. Soon enough you will be simply transhuman again."

Arghul Tul tried to limp away. Cold sweat ran down his back. The Custodes punched him in the face shattering his helmet. Bits and pieces flaked away. The alien sun burned as its dark rays touched the exposed skin. He felt it start to smolder and crisp. The Gladius felt very heavy in his hands and the hilt stung back at him like the bite of a vyper through his gauntlets. It fell from his open hands tumbling to the ground. "You will be made an example to every traitor."

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