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Friday, November 11, 2016

Black Vengeance - Part 11, Mirrors

"We are not mirrors of each other." replied Promenthius. "You are a rotten husk for a daemon and you shall be cleansed." The Custodes began to chant a secret prayer taught by the Emperor as he entered a heightened state. "Use your sword you took from my dead brother. If you can beat me with our weapons you truly are better." goaded Promenthius.

Arghul Tul snarled as he retracted his living claws and drew forth the Gladius strapped to his back. "You shall see! You shall see!" Drool and black bile spilled from his maw. He whipped the weapon around quickly. The Custodes raised his shield absorbing the mad blow.

"Use both hands to grip the hilt." said Promenthius. "Even with your strength that is its fundamental design." The golden shield slipped aside suddenly and the Custodes let loose a savage kick catching the possessed square in the chest. The daemonic armor buckled and squealed in misery from the pain. Promenthius brought down his own sword twisting to catch the flat of the blade across Arghul Tul's helmet. In less than the blink of an eye the possessed Marine struck back driving his sword into the Custodes' chest plate. His laugh was cut short by intense stabbing pain cutting into his own chest. "Mirror armor." the Custodes smiled within his helm.

Arghul Tul shouted a black curse as he staggered back, at first not realizing what had just happened. His wound instantly knit itself back closed but a gapping scar marred his crimson chest plate. He still felt the burning pain searing inside his chest. Circling him with his shield raised again the Custodes seemed to taunt him. Tul gripped the Gladius tightly with both gauntlets and spun about smashing the double edged blade into the Custodes drawing all his strength into the hard blow. Promenthius stumbled then lowered his shield again. Without any hesitation Tul struck at the Custodes' neck to sever his head. Just as he began to grin the possessed felt a deep cut across his own neck gouging straight through the veterbrae. His head fell to the side involuntarily as he screamed out in utter frustration. Again the daemon within mended the wound but the bone remained fractured. "What are you?" howled Arghul Tul.

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