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Blood Vow

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Monday, November 07, 2016

Black Vengeance - Part 9

The Chaplain was much quicker than the Justaerin sergeant but the traitor possessed excellent defensive skill parrying every blow so far. Just one cut from the Blade of Perdition was sudden death. Firing his jump pack thrusters the Blood Angel dropped his helm down tight smashing straight into the Justaerin's mask grille. The helmets clanged as they knocked together. More of his side were charging into the pitched scrum to bolster the Blood Angels' savage attack. The traitor stumbled back visually shaken. Driving the tip of his sword like a long spear the Chaplain went for the sure kill but at the last second the Justaerin brought up his two swords in a cross catching the long sword at the haft. The Chaplain grunted in anger firing his jump pack again. Slowly but surely his blade drove true, the tip finally piercing the black plate. Sparks shot from the fractal edge as the power weapon cut into the chest plate. Clutching the hilt tightly with both gauntlets the Chaplain screamed in rage as he punched through the traitor's primary heart the challenge won. He looked about as he withdrew the blade. The Justaerin slumped to the ground either sword dropping from his dead hands. "For Sanguinius!" shouted the Chaplain as he soared back up into the crimson sky like a bird of prey.

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