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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Blood Angels 30k Wu Tang style - Day of Revelation

Here is the core of command I'm designing for a Horus Heresy (30k) Blood Angels army. You can add assault squads for your troops. This is a throw back to the 3rd edition rules for Legion IX and is very hard hitting in melee.

+++ BA Command (Warhammer 30,000 - The Horus Heresy v41) (715) +++

++ The Age of Darkness (Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List v202) ++

+ HQ (645) +

Legion Centurion (165) /Chaplain
Artificer Armour - Blade of Perdition - Inferno Pistol - Jump Pack - Melta Bombs - Refractor Field

Fear - Zealot

Legion Praetor (480)
Artificer Armour - Blade of Perdition - Paragon Blade - Digital Lasers - Iron Halo - Jump Pack - Melta Bombs

Master of the Legion:
Day of Revelation

Legion Command Squad
Legion Standard Bearer
3x Legion Space Marine Chosen
4x Combat Shield - Jump Packs - Melta Bombs - Power Fist - 3x Power Weapon

+ Elites (70) +

Apothecarion Detachment (70)
Legion Apothecary
Jump Pack - Power Sword - Narthecium

+ Legion +

Legiones Astartes [ IX: Blood Angels, Loyalist]

Legiones Astartes, The Blood Angels

Blade of Perdition:
Every wound caused by this weapon is doubled to two wounds. Roll to save against each wound separately.

Encarmine Fury:
When fighting in an assault and using a Melee type weapon, any model with the Legiones Astartes (Blood Angels) special rule requires one lower result To Wound than they would normally, to a minimum of 2+. This effect applies regardless of the weapon they are using (for example, if using a Str 4 Melee weapon and attacking a target with a Toughness of 4, the Blood Angel will require a 3+ To Wound rather than the usual 4+).

Rite of War - Day of Revelation
- All jump infantry units, must be held in reserves, and must deep strike in on turn one, no rolls needed.
- All deep striking units (not just jump infantry) gain a +5 cover save on the game turn they arrive, and all shooting attacks from deep striking infantry and jump infantry units gain pinning on the turn they deep strike in.
- All Bood Angels gain +1 initiative on the charge.
- characters must always accept challenges if issued.

As of now I'm using an allied detachment while I build the army so I can gain some experience with the army. So far it's been no disappointment and very exciting to play. If you love Blood Angels this could be what you're looking for again.

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