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Blood Vow

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Black Vengeance - Part 3, Retribution

This section provides background to the story and was intentionally left out for until now.

Streaking through the red skies the Storm Eagle plunged from the clouds dropping over a traitor landing site. Missiles stitched the ground instantaneously exploding huge tracks of space decimating the suddenly exposed enemy. Inside the Chaplain unclasped his straps and stepped into the landing bay. "Hurry." he voxed to his assault squad. The apothecary was the first to follow suit checking his needle pistol and clasping the long hilt of his heavy chain sword. The air craft was so low to the ground the sudden explosions rocked it. Chunks of broken rock crashed against the outer ceramite plates scratching deep grooves into the bright crimson enamel.

Spilling out the Blood Angels leapt from the rear of the hurling craft swooping down towards the landing site. They fell like stone igniting their jump packs at the very last moment. The jets screamed to break then they were bounding over the broken ground. Each Marine drew their melee weapons ready to strike. Gliding into a horizontal position the Chaplain used the blinding speed of his descent to drive his sword through a line of traitors splitting them all in twain. The enemy separated like chaff as the assault squad hit them. Immediately breaking the Alpha Legionnaires started to run but could not evade the surprise attack.


"As you now know this planet was chosen as a staging ground for the traitors' initial attack on Terra. It is vital to the longevity of the Imperium that we resist their efforts here and destroy them." said Chaplain Xerxes as he sheathed his blade. Piles of dead traitors were strewn upon the ground, blood and black viserca flowed like churning water from their rent armor. "Move out." said Xerxes as he re ignited his jump pack.

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