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Blood Vow

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Black Vengeance - Part 10 - Enter a Custodes

The battle had reached a crescendo... both sides completely engaged and fully committed. The dead and wounded lay upon the soiled ground in piles. Squads of Blood Angels grouped up firing their bolters on full auto stitching shots into the traitors. The ancient Leviathan fought on in a killing rampage seemingly impervious to its many foes. Captain Arwent of the Imperial Fists Huscarls fought along side his remaining brothers dead center in the thickest pitch. Limbs were shorn off and fresh blood coated the killing ground.

Arwent detected the scent of heavy burning ozone turning just in time to catch a glimpse of a towering golden giant clad in tactical dreadnaught armor appear in a thick shroud of smoldering brimstone. The giant carried a large sword and shield striding into the fray. His blade swept back and forth with a surge of fresh vigor as he chopped one traitor after another apart. A bright red plume peaked on top of his helm as he stopped for the briefest moment to survey the battle around him. "Where is Arghul Tul, last of the Gal Vorbak? Come forth and accept my challenge cur. I have been tracking you across the void seeking my blackest vengeance."

The battle line seemed to freeze for a moment then parted towards the center as another giant clad in red armor emerged. It's huge arms terminated in a pair bony claws sharper than razor. Spikes of nob bone erupted along the center of its helmet. It's grill open revealing row upon row of jagged fangs. It's long forked purple tongue licked at the tips of the fangs then Arghul Tul spat a wad of black burning bile scorching the ground. "We answer your call Custodes." It spoke in a garbled mess. Drops of sticky saliva rolled off its tongue as the forked tips darted out tasting the air. "Prepare yourself for death."

The Custodes fired the built-in bolter sub component fitted towards the front of his sword's long haft. Bolter fire pinged off the deep crimson armor of the possessed driving the Gal Vorbak into a frenzy then the two combatants were on top of each other. "You shall see your fall and that you are tainted... you shall see yourself for what you truly are and feel shame." replied the Custodes. Arghul Tul laughed cackling like a fiend from the warp.

"We are mirror opposite, you and we." screamed the traitor. "Your skull will hang from my belt besides those from others of your kind."

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