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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Interview with the TOs • Crucible • 40k GT • Orlando, FL • March 2013

Hello everyone. I am interviewing Craig Russell, the head tournament organizer (TO) for Crucible. Crucible is a new large event that will run many gaming systems and will be held in Orlando, Florida this coming March. You can find out everything you want to know about Crucible at their official blog:


Tim Wright from Coliseum of Comics in Kissimmee, Florida is the head judge for the Warhammer 40k events. I've known Tim for a long time and he is one of my favorite judges here in Florida. Tim has a great sense of humor, knows all the rules very well and is very very fair. I decided I would attend Crucible as soon as I found out Tim is involved!

So now onwards to the questions and I've got a lot of them for you !!!

Q1. Tell us about yourself. How long have you been involved in Warhammer 40k? What other events have you run in the past?

A1.  TIM:  I started playing way back at the end of 2nd/beginning of 3rd.  As far as events I have been running the 40k and Fantasy RTTs for Coliseum for the past 6 years including several very successful 'Ard Boys.  I have also done Malifaux and Flames of War events, Apoc and Planet Strike, and Fantasy Storm of Magic events.  Basically if it involves miniatures I have played and/or organized an event!  What can I say? I am addicted!

CRAIG: Hey, I played 40K back in 2nd ed, too!  Virus Bombs and Assault Cannons with Sustained Fire dice... Those were the days!

This is actually our second year running Crucible – which was Warmachine/Hordes-only last year. 

Q2. Now tell us all about Crucible. Tell us everything you want us to know! By the way I'm very excited to have another big event here in Florida and obviously look forward to playing in your 40k GT.

A2.  CRAIG: Everyone involved in Crucible 2 comes from competitive wargaming backgrounds, so we’ve endeavored to create the kind of event we all would want to attend.  We give out a lot of custom-made awards and a ton of prizes, and we try to make sure everyone gets in as much gaming as they can take.  Also, the hotel rooms are affordable ($58) and you get a full, hot breakfast for free!

TIM:  A real big focus is for everyone to have a great time on outstanding tables.  That's right, every table is getting scratch built from the bottom up! 

Q3. Now I'd like you to focus on the 40k team tournament and GT.

Q3a) Tell us about the formats, points, rules and scoring guidelines for each of these two events.

A3a) TIM: My philosophy is, ‘Simple is better,’ so the format is battle points driven.  The first round pairings will be random, but avoiding known opponents and Civil Wars (same armies).  This will be carried on in the first three rounds, but after that points alone will drive the pairings. 

Q3b) What is the maximum number of players you will allow for both of these tournaments?

A3b) TIM:  Our Doubles tournament is open to 20 teams and the GT will be 40 players.

Q4. What is your position on the use of Forgeworld?

Q4a) If you are going to allow Forgeworld will there be any restrictions?

A4a) TIM:  This is a tough one because I know how Forge World invokes strong opinions either way.  As of now 40K approved Forge World units and armies are allowed.  As a general philosophy, we want people to be able to play with their toys.

Q4b) Will players be required to provide the appropriate rulebooks for these units and must they bring the actual models from Forgeworld?

A4b) TIM:  Yes to both! 

Q5. I am currently building a new 30k Space Marine Legion army based upon the rules in the new Forgeworld book entitled The Horus Heresy - Book One - Betrayal/i>. Can I use this army in your Grand Tournament?

TIM:  Providing the list is 40K approved, yes.
Q6. What is your position on the double Force Organization (FOC) and allied detachments released in 6th edition? If you are going to allow either will there be any restrictions?
A6. TIM:  No on Double Force Organization!  We are only at 1850 points so Double Force Organizations would be illegal.  However, allies ARE in.  For myself, I have some mixed feelings with Allies.  The concept is very cool and the structure makes it more balanced than in the past, but personally I think there should be more animosity when the sides are less than ‘battle brothers’ – just to keep things in check.  That’s another discussion entirely, though!
Q7. What is your position on Mysterious Terrain? If you are going to allow it will there be any restrictions?
A7.  TIM:  Both Mysterious Terrain and Objectives will be present in limited form and will be mission driven.  I am still working on the missions, but they are real close to completion and will be made available well in advance.  You know me, Steve - I like a little “shenanigans,” and there will be some; nothing that will kill the game or any army, mind you, just something to make it interesting and fun.
Q8. Finally on the subject of the many new rules released in 6th edition what is your position on Warlord Traits and the new psychic lores? Note that since these two both seem to have been universally adopted across the country by TOs I saved this particular 40k related question for last.
A8. TIM:  Both are in.  I like some of the randomness that 6th has brought to the table in 40K.  War is never choreographed like a play or a story. Unexpected things happen that can change the way a battle is fought.  Warlord traits and psychic lores add to this - as do mysterious terrain and objectives.  Again, too much can break a game when there are time limits and bragging rights on the line but I believe when managed, they can create a great game and a great event!
Q9. In terms of Warhammer 40k what will make Crucible stand out from other large events across the country? Will the theme be weighted more heavily towards competition or other factors such as composition and sportsmanship?
A9. TIM: Battle points will determine overall Crucible champions; however, sportsmanship and painting are very important aspects of the game we all love!  They will have their own prizes and awards.  There are many reasons why we get into this hobby and I want everyone represented here!  So to those of you who love to play, but themed armies are what makes you tick: there is a place for you.  However, if you are a smash ‘em, bash ‘em kind of player, we have you covered as well!
CRAIG:  I like to think part of what separates us as well is the effort we put out regarding boards and scenery.  We want to emphasize the ‘Grand’ part of Grand Tournament.  We’re not kidding about having custom boards at every table.  There won’t be a grass mat in sight.  Since we require people to bring painted armies, we want them to be able to put them on boards that are worthy of the effort!
Q10. To close the interview tell us anything else you'd like to discuss now.
A10. TIM:  I have been playing 40K for a long time and I have seen many changes in our game.  6th is a rather big shift in direction for GW.  There have only been a handful of events using 6th edition, so there are some things that are taking longer to develop.  I want everyone to know my goal is to have a great event were everyone has a great time playing on outstanding tables and terrain, while giving the players an opportunity to show off their skills on the table as well as their skills with pen and paint!  I want to make sure the missions and rules are right on target.  I also want to thank you, Steve, for giving me an opportunity to share my thoughts and hope everyone comes out and has a great time!
CRAIG:  Speaking of good times, we’ll have some other games going on in the evenings on Friday and Saturday, including Zombicide, X-Wing Fighter, and Super Dungeon Explore (on a 3D board that will blow your mind).  Also, we have 24 hour access to the gaming rooms and alcohol is allowed, so come for the games and stay for the community.  GT weekends are a great time to hang with folks just like yourself, who dig rolling dice, pushing tin, and discussing the intricate details of background fluff that would glaze over their significant others’ eyes in two shakes of a Jokaru’s tail.
Also, for those of you who are into diversity, the Friday tournaments (40K Doubles, and WM/H Hardcore) are optional and open to everyone no matter what system you register for.  There are awards given for both, but they won’t impact your placing in any of the later events.
Again thanks for taking the time to answer all these many questions! I know it takes a lot of time and I'm sure you're a very busy guy now.


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