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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Battle in the Eye of Terror - 2nd Chaos Mission


The battle takes place on a pristine maiden world located in the center of the Eye of Terror. The Warp is very strong here.

Special Rules
- Psychic tests are not necessary
- Daemon units can deploy normally
- All units are Fearless
- Any HQ with 3+ wounds have Eternal Warrior, those with less gain +1W
- An number of units can be placed in reserve prior to the start of the game and d3 + 1 units can be redeployed up to d6" before the start of the game (within their own deployment zone)

Vanguard Strike

Primary Objectives
There are three objective markers. One is placed at the center of the table and the other two are placed 18" on either side along the center line. The central objective marker is worth 4 battle points and the other two are worth 2 battle points each.

Secondary Objectives
First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Line Breaker (1 battle point each)

Chaos Boons
Each time a daemonic unit destroys an enemy unit in melee roll 1d6 and confer to the following table:

1- Oops! - Reroll on the table; if you roll a 1 again each model in the unit automatically takes a poisoned S6 AP - hit (Shred)
2 - Reanimation - The unit returns to its starting number of models and consolidates 2d6"
3 - Void Armor - The unit gains Iron Hide (3+ armor save) and a 4++ invulnerable save
4 - Vorpal Claws - The unit gains the Rending special rule for all attacks
5 - Sure Foot - The unit gains the Fleet special rule
6 - We'll Be Back Again - The unit is placed in Ongoing Reserves. They can deep strike upon re-entry and do not scatter. They must wait one turn upon re-entry to launch an assault unless they have the Hit & Run special rule.

Any daemonic unit can gain multiple boons from this table.

Chaos Icons
You can purchase one of the following icons for a daemonic unit:

Icon of Hate
The unit gains the Hatred Rule versus all enemy units.

25 points

Icon of Lingering Death
The unit gains the Feel No Pain special rule after destroying its first enemy unit and Fleet after destroying its second enemy unit.

50 points

Void Icon
The unit gains +1S and Shred for all attacks versus enemy units.

100 points

Daemon Warlord Traits
A Warlord with the Daemon special rule can roll on the following table:

1 - The Warlord and any unit to which it's attached gains the Shrouding special rule and can go to ground.
2 - The Warlord becomes a scoring unit.
3  - The Warlord gains +d3 attacks the first round in each melee.
4 - The Warlord can re-roll for every daemon weapon mastery test; if double 1s are rolled he can do nothing that turn and suffers a wound (no saves of any type).
5 - The Warlord and any unit to which it's attached gains Move Through Cover and can re-roll the distance to charge.
6 - The Warlord and any unit to which it's attached can outflank.

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