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Monday, November 26, 2012

2nd set of mods to Khorne army (2k)

So I have gone back to the drawing board for the second set of modifications to my 2000 point Khorne army list. The end result is to produce a more well rounded force that is bettered suited for the current meta. The overall changes aren't drastic which I think is a good thing.

Primary Detachment - Chaos Space Marines

6x Berserker /VotLW (Veterans of the Long War), Icon of Wrath
Berserker Champion /Lightning Claw, Power Fist

Land Raider /Extra Armor, Dozer Blades, Dirge Caster

7x Berserker /VotLW (Veterans of the Long War)
Berserker Champion /Lightning Claw, Power Fist

Land Raider /Extra Armor, Dozer Blades, Dirge Caster


Allied Detachment - Daemons

Herald of Khorne /Juggernaught, Unholy Might, Blessing of the Blood God, Fury of Khorne
5x Blood Crusher /Fury of Khorne

12x Bloodletter

Daemon Prince /Mark of Nurgle, Wings, Unholy Might, Iron Hide, Cloud of Flies, Noxious Touch, Breath of Chaos

The main change is dropping the third squad of Berserkers and their rhino to add a Heldrake and bump back up the number of Bloodletters. I have also included an icon for Kharn's retinue which allows the reroll for the charge distance... You really want to make sure they make it into melee.

This army is not altogether that much better at eliminating enemy flyers than either of the previous versions but I think the addition of the Heldrake will provide another good deterrent along with the Daemon Prince - their main purpose is to draw the attention of the opponent so they cannot initially focus on my ground elements. This should in turn leave my infantry more intact to win games in the later stages (turns 4 and on).

I could just drop the Daemon Prince and take a second flyer but I want a list that is more unique than what I think will be the run of the mill Chaos armies... You are going to see a lot of Chaos armies featuring a pair of Heldrakes and they are truly a bargain for the points. Also while pricy the Daemon Prince armed as above is versatile enough and very good in close combat versus most other dedicated enemy melee units - especially other monstrous creatures.

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